CONTAGIOUS ARCHITE COMPUTATION, AESTHETICS, AND SPACE LUCIANA PARISI Contagious Architecture Technologies of Lived Abstraction Brian. In Contagious Architecture, Luciana Parisi offers a philosophicalinquiry into the status of the algorithm in architectural and interaction design. Luciana Parisi is Reader in Cultural Studies and Director of the PhD programme at the In , she published Contagious Architecture.

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Prometheus Books, ; Process and Reality: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Contagiosu intention is shared by a current wave of media theorists and a body of work that, on the surface, seems to undertake an impossible task: She has also written within the field of media philosophy and contagiohs the bionic transformation of the perceptive sensorium triggered by digital media, the advancement of new techno-ecologies of control, and the nanoengineering of matter.

Links [ edit ] Profile at Goldsmiths Academia.

Full text of “Contagious Architecture Computation, Aesthetics And Space. Luciana Parisi”

Request removal from index. According to Parisi these objects are spatiotemporal events. Second-order cybernet ics, which Parisi argues const it ut es t he dominant int eract ive paradigm of capit alism t oday, revolves around t he idea t hat t he observer is also part of t he syst em and concerns not ions of ref lexivit y, self -organisat ion, aut opoiesis, t he cont ingency of environment al f act pqrisi, and t he indet erminacy of living syst ems.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Une libre et sauvage creation de concepts, Paris: Philosophy of Specific Arts in Aesthetics.

We gladly feast on those who would subdue us. Omega def ines an algorit hmically incompressible real number locat ed somewhere bet ween 0 and padisi which at some point in it s calculat ion f orces t he limit ed resources of any comput er t o come t o a halt.

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Publications [ edit ] Monographs Abstract Sex. This argument presents significant contributions to the development of a non-anthropocentric definition of thought. As she indicates, soft thought threatens the assumption that computation is just another function of reason and that algorithms are reducible to a human mind and sensorimotor system.

Contagious Architecture, Immanent Thought … | machinic matter

Palgrave,pp At t he same t ime, and according t o t heir t reat ment in t he book, t hey expose reason and logic t o t he novelt y and creat ivit y of t he incomput able. Omega defines an algorithmically incompressible real number located somewhere between 0 and 1 which at some point in its calculation forces the limited resources of any computer to come to a halt.

One that would account for the many processes that organise their reciprocal relation: But rather curved surfaces that can only be defined in terms of vectors and transformations. The Aesthetics of Space: As she indicat es, sof t t hought t hreat ens t he assumpt ion t hat comput at ion is just anot her f unct ion of reason and t hat algorit hms are reducible t o a human mind and sensorimot or syst em.

Juhani Pallasmaa – – Wiley. First —order cybernet ics ref ers t o closed, self – suf f icient syst ems t hat are observable f rom t he out side and t o causal processes, such as cont rol, f eedback, and adapt ion.

Speculative Architectures

You are commenting using your WordPress. Within the field of architecture, parametricism can be said to define design practices using modelling software to generate forms from the differential encoding of different parameters — from cost estimation and energy usage, to circulation flows, noise, geological constraints and lucaina conditions. Architechure seems that, while it can be argued that the problem with parametric architecture is that it is not yet abstract enough, it should also be argued that the emphasis it puts on form and smooth continuities not to speak about its obsession with biological forms tends to overlook other questions — ones that, contrary to what Architedture argues in her book, cannot be separated from the analysis of the more general political and economic ecology to which it belongs.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Specifically engaging with cybernetics, information theories, and evolutionary theories, her work analyses the radical transformations of the body, nature, matter and thought led by the technocapitalist development of biotechnologies and computation. Thought and matter are thus parallel expressions of substance, and do not relate to each other through causal mechanisms.

Leaving behind the topological schema that presumes algorithms to be subjected to continuous, conntagious order results and evolving in time, 1 the book turns instead to parametricism and the mereotopological order of events. According to her, the ubiquity of computation in the organisation of our contemporary environment should parsi be understood in all encompassing terms, but rather in relation to its incompleteness:.

T he lat t er cont ent s t hat a logic and reason are becoming aest het ic operat ions def ined by algorit hmic prehension, and b incomput abilit y and a new f orm of algorit hmic ent ropy i.