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On January 17th he was seen for the last time when entering the Headquarters of what was then the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics. I Walked together with the others, striving to keep back my tears. Commandant Horthy, head of the Hungarian government, lucix the Russians for laragiond truce.

We hug each other and then, to my absolute surprise, he whispers in my ears the following words: I looked at the person who had spoken: We were already in the station platform, when one of the huge dogs that an officer was holding threw itself against me.

I never really found out why the Germans, who stopped at paragione, showed such respect for seals and documents. That boy is luica the protection of the King of Sweden! The sound of water is the music that accompanied my childhood.

In more happy times, we used to leave from there to visit my grandparents who lived in the country, the country which in springtime is filled with flowers. And I cannot but think of the irony of destiny. To avoid it, they invaded Hungary. Contact Argentina info irwf.


The most intense and distant memories of Budapest, the city of my birth, are associated with water. Once a day, we would manage to eat a piece of bread. Terrified, I fell to the ground. Ignacio, my grandson, looks baffled at a yellow piece of paper, faded by time, that I have just put in his hands.

Finally, on a day when the April sun was beginning to show itself, we were violently driven from the ghetto and were dragged to the East Railway Station. They feared that, through our territory, the enemies would finally penetrate Germany. That year, Germany and her allied countries among which was Hungary were definitively headed for defeat.

Lucia Laragione Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘Amores Que Matan’

Ignacio looks once more at the paper he is holding in his laeagione and tells me that he is going to keep it carefully and that when the son that he expects have is thirteen, he will bequeath it laragioje himtogether with my story. Beside me walked a woman with a baby in her arms. This article was published by Swedish Press magazine. The invaders immediately put in practice against Hungarian Jews the policy of death that they had enforced in all the occupied countries.

However, he was not able to save himself.

Amores Que Matan (English, Spanish, Paperback)

But there is no proof of this being true. It is thought that those who captured him suspected that he was a spy in the service of the United States, or maybe they suspected him because of his contacts with the Germans.

I tell him that it is part of his birthday present and he smiles, thinking that I am kidding. II The laragion of water is the music that accompanied my childhood. I was so afraid! But, suddenly, we fell sharply from the crest of the wave and our peaceful life changed for ever.


Lucia Laragione: A Piece of Faded Yellow Paper « The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

Soon, Janos, my father, and Bartha, my laraguone, understood that, apart from the calamities of war, there was for us a great additional menace: He wore a long blue overcoat and his blonde straight hair was combed back form his forehead.

I translate the strange words for Ignacio. The man who held the menacing beast, laraagione its leash and withheld it. We laugh for quite a while and then we go together to blow out the candles that consecrate his happy and vital thirteen years of age.

During the following months, I worked by his side at the Embassy of Sweden, a neutral country during the war.

That winter was a harsh one and we were crowded in dark, miserable rooms laragionf the constant menace that any gesture would cost us our lives. More than fifty years have passed and I cannot laragions the image of that brave and caring man, climbing on the roofs of the cattle trains, giving out with full hands the saving documents. A that time I was thirteen.

The Russians, who made him a prisoner, maintain that the Swedish diplomat died in prison in With a determined gesture he extended before the officer a yellow paper that bore the coat of arms of the Royal House of Sweden. The Nazis considered this petition as treason.