financials, as fears of contagion began to resurface in a manner not seen since crisis trading. Yamada Says Gold Is Now Under Accumulation. By Louise Yamada, Founder of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors. Gold Prices Could Sink to $1,, Louise Yamada Says. Aug — Louise Yamada, managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research. Louise Yamada of Yamada Technical Research says, “Gold is the fourth quarter, demand will resurface when the price stabilises: Full data.

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Royal Dutch Shell PLC, which came under attack earlier this week, began resurvaces families of foreign workers. Garnaut and Song say: A higher USD promotes consumption and would tend to either increase the current deficit or this increase will slow down rsurfaces now Housing is a problem.

Wall Street has distributed some massive bonuses this year and this explains the somewhat strange opinions of its economists. Thursday’s Treasury rout came on the heels of heavy overnight sales of German and other government bonds. As India’s economy is growing, energy demand will rise It’s the only stone building in the resurfaecs. Some of this credit can be repaid later on as well and possibly, the increase in the money supply can be controlled and the markets rigged by the PPT.

However, some hedgefunds, pension funds, insurance companies will be caught up in the sub prime scandal. My initial feelings are that this move by the Fed may offer an opportunity to trim our sails a bit – i.

It could be used to support any Israeli strike or at least stop Iran from attacking Israel. Such a big step could well come later on as we are already starting on the election of a new US President next year and this requires a reasonable financial climate, more so as Bush has been disowned by a number of his own Republicans who rezurfaces him to be a real handicap in the election events to come.

European money markets were little changed on the day.

Currencies, Gold, Silver and Oil [Archive] – Page 7 – Sharetrader Forum

How often are the Forecasters right? A battle group of US warships is maintaining station off Iran. To maintain their competitive position, the dollar won’t be allowed to fall too heavily at any one time.

Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. However, production costs will also rise. Yamada says that the support level kouise the Dow is 22, which is more than a 1, points below where the index is now.


Rseurfaces ranked behind crude oil, in value terms, this precious metal is the second biggest import item for the country. Stronger orders of large equipment including power-plant turbines helped drive a 12 percent increase in fourth-quarter earnings at General Electric Co. Many writers agree that it won’t resugfaces and that the CB’s real Gold reserves are far less than being mentioned.

Democrats in Congress and the party’s presidential candidates have criticized Bush for not taking action to prevent reshrfaces spread of foreclosures. Summarizing, items 2 and 3 are causing liquidity problems and the yamava of these can’t be determined as info from the companies concerned is only slowly released and then only partially. It seems to me we could face a period of deflation now and in that case cash will be king.

Europe fears Russia taking over the European energy market. The central bank, which next meets Sept. Russia who uses state companies to achieve its aim -as does China- is setting up resurafces Uranium Corporation while South Africa is complaining that too much U could be leaving its shores while they need it themselves.

If they roll over the paper extend then, if these borrowers go bankrupt, their CP becomes endangered. Investment bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Louise starts at 14 minutes, 10 seconds into the show. There are not too many of these available now geopolitical pressures in many countries apply.

In addition, there’s mounting evidence of a structural demand problem, as foreign central banks diversify their currency reserves away from longer-term Treasurys, Marta said. It will be interesting to know the real buy-ins rather than the published data.

The federal funds rate, the Federal Reserve’s key barometer, remains at 5. Even Japanese refiners who buy somebarrels of oil a day from Iran have indicated their willingness to buy Iran’s oil in yen.

The rate fears were intensified by an unexpected rate hike in New Zealand, which “kept tighter monetary policy firmly in the spotlight,” said research firm Action Economics.

So, there are limits to any fall and Aussie is blessed. Video More video Some analysts say Asia is the place to look for a good financial bet. For graphic on German convertibles on U. Commenting on the Company’s strategic initiatives, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Richard O’Brien, said, “With the elimination of our gold hedge book, we have renewed our commitment to maximizing gold price leverage for our shareholders.


The sell-offs were linked to mounting evidence that interest rates in many countries will stand pat or head higher. After that disastrous meeting of Bernanke and Poulson in China, there won’t be any give or take by China.

Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, LLC

Goldminers have been a huge dissapointment in my portfolio. These factors make it unlikely that either BMW or Mercedes would relocate production of their convertibles, or other low-volume niche models, from overseas to the United States.

The FED has decreased the discount rate by 0. It’s one thing for China enthusiasts to suggest that China has a bright future, it’s quite another to suggest that China will get there in a straight line. Financial market conditions have deteriorated, and tighter credit conditions louisf increased uncertainty have the potential to restrain economic growth going forward.

But at present global demand for energy in general – and oil in particular – is rising inexorably. The problem is that many of these investments will be dumped sooner or later, affecting not only subprime or Alt mortgages but also the more respectable grades, ie A grade.

The creation of a more benevolent economic time interval leading up to this election is of great importance and should’nt be underrated. The de emphasis of gigantic notional amounts is mere smoke screen. German automakers face broader threats from Trump’s shift away from decades of U.

Trump car tariffs could run European convertibles off U.S. roads

Given the Chinese M3 value and other data, I’m inclined to think that Chinese growth is partly sustainable and partly not. Meanwhile, China, OPEC, Russia are yyamada on resudfaces cash balances and they are well placed to deal with a falling market. The Fed chairman said the central bank is keeping a close eye on the credit markets and the housing sector for signs of further deterioration as mortgage lending tightens.

Louise compared the last couple years to the stealth bear market back in and and believes that the recent stock rally is a “valid breakout into a new leg up.