Loctite Threadlocker Medium Strength 50ml tube. $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Product is filled roughly half-full to leave space in the bottle and. The Loctite fl. oz. Blue Thread Locker is designed to lock and seal threaded fasteners to prevent loosening from vibration. It prevents leaks and the. Henkel Loctite Blue Threadlocker is designed for locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which require normal disassembly with standard hand tools.

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Loctite Adhesives & Sealant | eBay

Looking for alt for a long lead short shelf life product. You can use this with Loctite SF primer. If you have any additional questions, please call our tech support line at Loctite Threadlocker is what threadloc,er would propose for your listed application.

August 27, at It is noisy though. Will a re-application of or on the screw threads work at all? March 13, at You might see a slight variation in strength, but probably not a big difference.


I personally had 2 stock clutches fail on me, due to torque. Hi Alex, we would need more information to give you a suggestion here.

But you should still get some so you have it for the motor mount bolts. This explains the differences in strengths, and green is suppose to be medium to high. April 16, at Is there anything that will dissolve the Loctite without causing damage?

They’re not prone to leaking. I am looking for product to set metal screw into wood in a cabinet that is being pulled open many times a day and screws are constantly coming out. Hi Ryan, thanks for your question.

For more Loctite how-to, check out our YouTube Channel.

December 26, at 2: Your products have a best before date on them. Newer, stronger Loctite is intended for slip fit parts up to 0. You will be getting one 1 10ml bottles of Locktite Threadlocker.

February 22, at 2: IT is in a tight spot. Hi Todd, thank you for your question.


The fasteners are torqued to 55 ft Lbs. Product is filled roughly half-full to leave space in the bottle and provide product stability. About the Author, Andy Scott. Again i do not want to cause any damage to the parts. Is it a gradual decrease in effectiveness?

Loctite Adhesives

Of course, all of our standard testing is done on dry, clean threads and not threads with residue of old, previously used product on there. I know that the fuel system can get some pressure in it. Hi Sylvain, thanks for your question. November 3, at