Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook: “Core Adventures are RPGA Living Greyhawk scenarios that take place in the nonregional areas of the game world: . Generally, Living Greyhawk modules were password-protected. These are not. If you also want the Adventure Record files, e-mail me and I’ll. Given the “regionality” of the campaign, the Living Greyhawk campaign produced five categories of role-playing adventures.

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Haven of the Sun. TSR Graeme Morris.

Living Greyhawk Adventure Series | Family | RPGGeek

Living Greyhawk in CY. Not a spectacularly awesome module, which is why it was never rewritten for Naerie or even offered up as a metaregional module after it became clear that Spain was a dead zone. Many of these series are noted for individual scenario entries, but they were not given any formal series code.

This module is a follow-up to NAE First Bite and it is recommended that you have played that module first. As more and grwyhawk PCs played the module and acquired the house — which was not difficult — it became an in-joke that Falenthorpe was the tax paradise where rich adventurers build their houses.

AustraliaNew Zealand October until end of campaign: They tried a coup, failed, and came to the Greyhaawk of the Mage to hide – and, presumably, to regroup and ally with the Black One. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. It made for interesting dynamics between player characters and really fun scenarios.

Only the most fearless of adventurers could challenge the slavers on their own ground, and live to tell of it! And if the doors are opened, what then? There was also the problem of certain character greyhaek and items that could unbalance the campaign by providing one character with too much power. In the bigger picture, it ties together some plotlines and sets the stage for some others, but there is no big plot payoff.


Inthe campaign saw the first of several direct tie-ins to new rule expansion books published by Wizards of the Coast, with the launch of a new story arc greyhak in the Bright Lands desert that coincided with the publication of Sandstorm. The Metaregional adventures were set in specific Greyhawk regions and were offered for play only in the actual “real world” geographic regions associated with the Greyhawk region. In the end, both were slain and good people rejoiced. More Information Edit History.

Knights of the Watch Part 1. Furthermore, the demilich has hidden his lair so well, that even those who avoid the pitfalls likely will not locate their true goal.

The One-Named-In-Whispers took only himself and Kas, his evil counselor, and devastated the land of the Mara with his magic. Expedition to Runis of Greyhawk and Living Greyhawk? RPGA already knew from their experience with Living City that an adventure in a shared campaign had modulees be run the same way by every DM, in order to be equitable for all players.

Azharadian’s Tomb and the Ship of Fools. Like a malicious cat, the lich toys with all who stumble into his maze, tormenting them with strange puzzles and obscure riddles, monsters and demons, weird moduled and dangerous magics.

Coming through this episode with flying colors, modues continue to the Free City of Dyvers, where there has been a rash of break-ins at several inns.

Lordship of the Isles [16]. This was our metaregional finale, pretty much. You have come to Naerie City in time for Richfest. More Play Opportunities on the Horizon. This is more than just a travelogue.

I am trying to get my friends interested in DnD starting out with Living greyhawk on 3. This module contains a challenging scenario for experienced players, the tournament scoring system, and nine fully-equiped, playtested tournament characters.


are old Living Greyhawk modules avaiable anywhere?

These typically are identified only on the cover page of the module, as descriptive text. The Splintered Suns Adventure Updates. Breddol the Sage once again needs nodules to visit the caverns of Gefjon Isle and the sleepy village of Bandhar.

Old Debts also contains a Darwinistic dumbass test that will get overconfident PCs killed or at least seriously hurt.

Greyhawk Modules Online – Naerie Endures

Once the supreme master of all undead sorcerers, even today his Hand and Eye are objects of immense power. The castle itself was sealed to outsiders as soon as the murder was discovered.

It contains background information, referee’s notes, encounter keys, outdoor and dungeon level gdeyhawk, and new monsters and treasures. Core scenarios were created for every play season.

Once a character spent 52 TUs, that character could no longer be played until the start of the following calendar year. GeorgiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina.

The LG campaign differed from previous shared-world campaigns in one important respect: Because of their limited distribution, metaregional scenarios are the least known adventures in the program.

This module contains backgroung information, referee’s notes, maps of the wilderness and two cavern levels, and many new monsters, magic items, and spells.

Will they always remain on the fringes of society? In particular I would love Core mods and Bissell mods but any help is really appreciated! Others have made the Menowood their new home. Bone March Adventure Updates. All attempts to lift the curse have failed and people are being taken by the spirits in the wood.

Bandit Kingdoms Adventure Updates. Duchy of Urnst Adventure Updates.