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The intersection of man and territory is what the work is trying to reunite, sometimes in inhabited territories and other times in extensions still to be inhabited. Carta a los arquitectos europeos. Los Lagos Region, Chile. We have come to reduce the unknown so that, for example, the other side of the earth can abandon its nonexistence and become that which we carry with us, the invisible, like the fire-god sprouting in our hearth.

The poetic word points out the primal origin of the continent whereas architecture generates the Form, which is the intimate beginning of all work 3. Facsimile lihro and mappings: Whichever the situation may be it is vital to consider the difference between the camp and work.

However, despite the importance and the implication that the reform had on the reality of national maereida, the political process it generated did not carry out the poetic ideas that the School of Architecture and Design had projected 6.

Amereida – Casiopea

In this way each work formulates a question about what is particular of each extension or place in America. Cuadernos de Amereida V. Therefore, a place can be understood as such only when an encounter occurs. A poet is the giver who opens time allowing the trades to take over and build what takes time And so the Voyages consider the journey like a passing through the geographic, climatic, social or cultural extensions, among local contexts and their architectural expressions.


The Open City project is now fully developed and it assumes the absence of private property and work projects are designed and developed within creative circles that promote the idea and the belief that liberty can be extended and amplified. Being present necessarily implies a corporal condition and not only a semantic yearning or an abstract projection.

To amereidda this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Industrial, et al, Nuestra latitud Patagonia. Con su estilo barroco construyo famosas fachadas y estatuas de motivos religiosos. The gigantic distances in America filled with new and different dimensions obligate the use of terrestrial, aerial and aquatic transportation, sometimes all of them in a single journey that lasts only days.

Historic archive Jose Vial Armstrong. Universidad nacional de Quilmes, This is what we have called the Circle gamea peculiar way to study, conceive and carry out together It is not only about trying to establish infrastructure that responds to needs and urgencies; this sign can also point out bearings and perspectives.

Now it is the time to advance another step.

Muere el 15 de Febrero del [18]. The formula ha lugar, both implies what a place is and how the work should be done: Podemos encontrar fragmento de esta obra en la p. This void gave way to the zmereida of the Open City in Ritoque at the beginning of the s.

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His intention was to give America a founding myth in an epic form under the assumption that, in the absence of traditional legends, the continent could not provide its inhabitants with a sense of destiny. To work at a site includes habituating and being.


Hence, architecture and trades occur without privileging places or commissions beforehand 12 amereuda by occupying a site guided be poetry. A great and intense reorganization of the university had to take place based on principles like: Distance is not an obstacle that makes the completion of a work more difficult, or that obstructs seeing and marking in the place itself.

That potency is manifested to those who are there -now and here- and while being recogleading to colonialism 8, nor as a space for technical migration provoked by the job market, libo people move from the poorer outskirts to the wealthier urban centres even between countries and continentsnor as it was regarded in ancient times when migration was inspired by religious beliefs 9.

It is during these brief journeys that the elements appear in the nude 17, provoking maximum liberty and gratuitousness in the mind and body. Su nombre hace honor al claustro que se encontraba en ella.

Magdalena Navarrete Reyes hace 6 meses Vistas: It is because hospitality as the Open City shows us needs a location that can accommodate itself with its size and ground ; in this way the extension makes room librk Because of the work we penetrate into the territories and seascapes of America, into the American model.

Rimbaud used to say that the hand of the feather is worth the same as the hand of the plough.