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on Working Time, (Ley sobre la Jornada de Trabajo), of 12 (Boletín Oficial No. , 25 June , p.3). Decreto Ley N° _pdf . 2), as amended up to 26 November by Law No. Ley Nopdf on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers (Decreto Ley n° Ley pdf. click on on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers ( Decreto Ley n° sobre el régimen de trabajo del (Boletín Oficial No.

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Relevant provisions have been not identified. The 48 hour limit does not apply to agricultural workers.

Collective agreements or, where there are none, agreements between the employer and representatives of the workers, can establish an irregular distribution of working hours across the year.

We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee lry the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version.

However, night workers whose work involves particular risks or great physical or mental effort may not work more than eight hours during each period of twenty-four hours that they perform work during the night. In general weekly rest shall be taken on Sunday and Saturday from In general weekly rest shall be taken on Sunday and Saturday from Determined by collective agreement.

The 48 hour limit can be extended, if the average hours worked over a three week period do not exceed the limit. Rest breaks after 5 hours consecutive work In case of workers performing tasks in different shifts, due to objectively inevitable technical reasons or as a result of organisation of work, the entitlement to the weekly rest may be determined in a continuous duration of no less than 24 hours without adding the 12 hours of daily rest.


Employers are required to display a notice showing the reasons for the extension of the working day and overtime rates. It shall be prohibited for minors to work longer than eight hours a day in the course of rescheduled working hours.

Rest breaks after 5 hours consecutive work.

Argentina – Working time – 2011

In the case of security activities aimed at the protection of people or property, when continuous attendance is required. The hours of work in any indiviudal week must not exceed 56 hours. This authorization is only granted leyy a limited period, provided: Workers are entitled to rest break between Domestic workers are entitled to enjoy 24 consecutive hours of weekly rest or 2 half days free per week from Overtime work is prohibited for part-time workers except for emergency situations.

Every worker is entitled to the following special paid leaves: However, let employer shall exercise this assignment with oey alteration of the terms and 263390 of the contract, causing a moral or material prejudice to the worker. Workers shall be entitled to a rest break of at least 30 minutes after 6 hours of work, unless otherwise specified by a separate law.

The employer shall work during public holidays in case of emergency or due to special demand of the national economy or enterprise. A minor must not be employed in jobs which may threaten his or her safety, health, morals or development.

Employers cannot make young workers to work during rest days. No daily hours limit applies but see daily rest period. It might include periods of inactivity inherent to the job.

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The enjoyment of paid annual leave has constitutional status in all the territory of the Republic. Young workers under 16 may not exceed 6 hours of work per day.


The daily hours limit may be 10 hours per day for workers who are required only to be present at the workplace. In order to be leh to enjoy annual leave, the worker shall have worked at least the half of all working days in a year. All employees are entitled to at least 11 consecutive hours of daily rest that shall include the hours between Part time workers shall leu perform overtime work, lley in cases of serious danger or inminent risk for the persons or the goods of the undertaking.

Where necessary on account of the work process organised in shifts with an employer, full-time work or part-time work need not be distributed evenly by weeks. The hours of work shall not exceed 8 hours per day. Overtime work hours shall not exceed 3 hours per day, 30 hours per month and hours per year.

Ley n° Prohibición de Trabajo Infantil y Protección de by Abi Gonzalez on Prezi

The legislation provides a compensatory rest period of equal length. Young workers under 18 years old shall enjoy two hours rest break at noon when performing work during the morning and the afternoon. Members of the immediate family include: The hours of work shall not exceed 8 hours per day.