05 – La Cautiva del Amor En Inglaterra, a principios Etiquetas: Lindsey Johanna Adoro a Johanna Lindsey y aun más la saga Malory. Que haya podido descargar los últimos libros ha sido mi mejor regalo de navidades. Lindsey, Johanna – Fuego Secreto Vampyr #1: Vampyr, de Carolina Andujar Bridgerton #5: A Sir Phillip con amor, de Julia Quinn Familia. Johanna Lindsey No hay más links de descargas, toda duda que tengan pregunten a mí mail .. Una emocionante novela de amor, amistad y aventura.

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Aug 12, Lauren rated it it was ok. Dorado Destino De Amor: Without ‘spoiling’, I can safely say that James Mallory, who I thoroughly enjoy in his book, ruined this one for me for just this reason.

It was bland, lots of Malory family and so many “drop in” who seemed to serve no purpose other than reminding readers that they existed. Un caballero nacido y educado para cumplir su compromiso con Escocia y una joven deseosa de aprender a amar se cruzan en un bosque… el destino los une.

I’ve read lots of the Malory series and didn’t need a recap of all of them in this book it was to focused on past characters and story lines without really building these one dimensional main characters.

But I knew that Lindsey wouldn’t disappoint and she didn’t.

Una historia de dos personas que necesitan desesperadamente encontrar la felicidad. Will Jack’s book be as compelling as her parents? Our hero has a complex past and he has been forced to appear to be working with a evil pirate in order to get his father released from prison. Even though this wasn’t my favorite from Lindsey, it was still a good addition and I can’t wait to see who is next in the family to have their story told!!

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Fuego secreto, de Johanna Lindsey (+18)

Then James grabs Damon by the hair and is preparing to punch him again when he runs away, leaving a fist full of his hair behind…. She even jumped overboard into the icy Atlantic, knowing it could mean her death, because she’d rather die than be used as a pawn to hurt her father. And she never even comes close to expressing feelings of love for him until practically the last page.

The bedroom is a big part of marriage, and I refuse to get stuck with only half of the good part. Although I did like the resolution to Damon’s story with his mother. Now a little bit older and a whole lot wiser, I’m as in love with those rowdy Malorys and feuding Andersons as the day I met them. El coleccionista de obras de arte y el jugador.

Which is why it was such a shock when they finally did sleep together. Instead they have one night that happened almost entirely off screen.

It was disgusting literally—all I could think about were the diseases they must have! And the scene at the ball at the end of the book just completely confused me. Honestly I was most proud of her when she finally goes to the hero and effectively asks if he’s DTF.


The hero Damon is an interesting contrast to Jack. Will we be following Jack’s and Judith’s children into the Victorian era? Trivia About Beautiful Tempest Honestly I was most proud of her when she finally goes to the h Maybe a 3.

When he invites her to meet him at the park, she agrees but he then never arrives but delivers a note to her with a rose. Lindsey tries her hand at a feminist main character, but incorporating old characters from past books subverts her efforts.

It was jarring—and I was a little disappointed in her. joganna

Beautiful Tempest (Malory Family, #12) by Johanna Lindsey

It was such a ridiculous mood killer. Ccautiva when he kidnapped her again in this story, the stage was set for some steamy fireworks. I wanted him to be different than the Malorys. James punches practically everyone he meets and supposedly hits so hard that these attacks are crippling. Aug 12, Lakshmi C rated it really liked it. It really made it hard to root cautivq these two.

Cuando le proponen una escandalosa oferta que no pueda rechazar… ella no puede rehusar. The plot was intriguing and held me captive.