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Debasish 11 months ago Reply. Pravin D Shet 8 months ago Reply. Unmesh Pawar 2 years ago Reply. The cost of organic food is priced higher than food grown with the use of chemicals. But Dagar concedes that motivating government machinery towards integrating organic farming is a big task. I am searching for new modern technical ways to transform my farm into organic farm My no.

Sachin Gujjar one year ago Reply. And one more thing you said ground water to be increased while rainy season by way of adopting pond to harvest rain water. I’m interested please help me. It is a great achievement by Dagar saheb. Pramod Kumar 12 months ago Reply.


Small farms can be profitable

Dagar has also set up solar panels at a total cost of Rs 4 lakh; he spent Rs 67, on it and the rest came from a government subsidy. Aman Fidai 2 years ago Reply. But it is high time, the Indian government facilitates the procedure and supports farmers like Dagar. We normally grow traditional crops like sugarcane, tobacco, wheat, soybean, etc.

Since most farmers cannot come to the district clubs, workshops are organised at village level. Davinderkumar 3 years ago Reply. The club is xiary group certification scheme where rich farmers will subsidise the certification process of the poor ones. At the age of climate change and global warming, farmers of our country can take his path.

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

John 2 years ago Reply. Regards Chittaranjan Sharma – Lily Agarwal 10 months ago Reply.

Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission…. How can I get more information about his cultivation Jacob. Agriculture Information and Communication Centre.


Index of /files/download

SPSS Search for additional papers on this topic. Today, almost ha land in Sonipat is under baby corn cultivation. Need to start something new as bee farming,organic farming.

Rabindra Nath Thakur 2 years ago Reply. Dagar claims vermicompost is the best soil-nutrient for not only does it help the soil retain moisture but also reduces water consumption by almost 25 per cent.

Setting up the plant cost him about Rs 1 lakh. This is a real eye opener.

Profitability and productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum) in Baglung district, Nepal

Ashoke Kumar Das 2 years ago Reply. Please use a genuine email ID and provide your name. The surplus power is used to doary batteries of the household inverter. Raj Parmar one year ago Reply. Dagar I want to learn about your technique And I want to talk to you for further starting my farming career.