The Tamil epic Silappathikaram details the story of Kovalan, the son of a wealthy merchant from Kaverippattinam who married Kannagi. Kovalan leaves Kannagi. Meenakshi & Kannagi: Madurai’s Women of Power & Grace The villagers worshipped Kannagi as the Goddess of Chastity, and her story so inspired the king. She cursed the entire town of Madurai. Silapathigaaram tells the story of her revenge and is written by Ilango Adigal. History Kannagi with her husband Kovalan.

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Kovalan was accused of having stolen the anklet and was immediately beheaded by the king without trial. Hindu deities and texts.

Madhavi (Silappatikaram)

Copies can be had from Manivacakar Noolakam, – Tamil Indic people – pages. The first volume of the series was released in Japan on January 16, In fact, Malayadwaja was a bit sad that he was not blessed with a son. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Celsus and Crispinus or, less frequently, year Ab urbe condita.

Kannagi Kannaki Amman is eulogized as the epitome of chastity and is worshiped as a goddess. In wonder and sorrow they cried: Upon learning the tragic turn of events, Madhavi shaved her hair and became a Buddhist nun. Are there women here?

Kannagi – Wikipedia

Are there women who could bear such wrong done to their wedded lords? Kannagi came to the king’s court, broke open the anklet seized from Kovalan and showed that it contained rubiesas opposed to the queen’s anklets which contained pearls. Breakfast and kanngi were tasty and we had a good spread in the buffet breakfast. It succeeded the publication Netaji, which had started in Kovalan left Kannagi and starts living with Madhavi.


Member feedback about Kannagi: Haruka Stogy The title character in the series, Nagi is a goddess who awakens when Jin fashions a sculpture from the wood of a sacred tree. She lived with Kovalan happily for some time. This article needs additional citations for verification. She was said to have been born of a mango fruit, which was cut down by the god Sakra with an arrow. Member feedback about Pasupuleti Kannamba: Earlier works like the 17th century poem Tamil vidu thoothu mention the great epics as Panchkavyams.

By Kannagi had a circulation of around 10 Crazy Shrine Maidens topic Kannagi: Goddess Bhadrakali Kannakimounted over ‘vethala’, is the main deity in this temple. It has been serialized in the Ichijinsha’s Comic Rex since December 9, Take on Me was released on January 6, Silappatikaram by Ilango Adigal.

Views Read Edit View history. Lists of manga volumes and kkannagi Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In an unfortunate twist of events, he was mistakenly arrested for having stolen the queen’s anklet and beheaded as the queen had the same looking anklet.

Crossover tokusatsu Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Meanwhile the news of her death spread throughout the Tamil Land. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Glimpses of Indian History and Art.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kannagi. Member feedback about Fairy Tail: Crazy Shrine Maidens, a Japanese manga series by Eri Takenashi that was adapted into a anime television series See also Kannagi no Tori, a yaoi video game Madurai was ruled by Pandya king Nedunj Cheliyan I. History Kannagi with her husband Kovalan.


It is believed that he hails from the merchant community known as Nagarathar community. These characters are then subjected to a series of situations and parody not seen in their respective works they come from.

She lived with Kovalan happily for some time. Embittered and angry against society, Muthuveeran kidnaps sory random of a meeting, in a park of Saigon, Soundharam MGRthe unique heir of the billionaire Selvaragham MGRthen baptizes him of the first name of Pandhiya and the pupil as his own son in India, in the mountains, where he is, at the moment, at the head of a community compound of bandits and their family, living outside the system.

Member feedback about Saritha: A third series of the anime series began airing on October 7,and is slated to have 51 episodes. Her mission is to aknnagi the impurities of the world, but because her sacred tree was cut down, her powers have weakened significantly and she is easily harmed by them.

On realizing his mistake, the king died instantly. Kannagi was a Tamil language newspaper published in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Retrieved 2 May Song lyrics by Mayavanathan, A. Member feedback about Pattini: Signup for our Newsletter. On the banks of the river, villagers told the king wtory Ilango the story of Kannagi, a woman with a single breast who sat down under a tree and did austerities for 15 days, without food or water, until she died.