Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This fast-paced interstellar military drama doesn’t The Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War) – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . Though labeled a sequel to Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades is very much a While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi. Rather than continue the story of John Perry, year-old recruit to the Colonial Defense Forces, The Ghost Brigades shifts focus to the.

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The Ghost Brigades takes place sometime after the events of Old Man’s WarI am not sure how scapzi time has elapsed as this book features almost all new characters, except Jane Sagan. One, there’s no first-person narrative here and two, John Perry our protagonist from OMW is nowhere in sight. I find The Ghost Brigades to be better written than Old Man’s War but it is a little inferior in that the main concept is no longer new and much of the lengthy Special Forces training section is too similar to the th soldiers training in the previous book.

I fokus na akciji je ovog puta daleko manji. Old Man’s War series. At the end of the book, Sagan is offered retirement in order to keep her from disclosing sensitive information she received from Boutin; she accepts and retires with her future husband John Perry, adopting Zoe.

The Obin proceed to sign a treaty with the CDF that ends hostilities.

When the CDF gets wind that one of its best research scientists has turned traitor and sparked an unprecedented alliance between three other species to wipe out humanity once and for all, drastic measures are called for. Yet, they also deal with interesting concepts and there is some good solid science involved.

Too many eye rolls in a book make the stars start shedding. View all 5 comments.


As it happens, said scientist, Charles Boutin, tried clumsily to fake his own death, but succeeded less clumsily in storing a copy of his consciousness in a computer, something never before achieved. There are a couple of hooks that ensure I’ll be continuing with the next book in the series.

I really like John Scalzi’s writing. The Consu, by far the most advanced alien race and they engage in cultural redistribution on a galactic scale. I also saw the thing with the kid coming a mile off.

SF : The Ghost Brigades / John Scalzi ★★★★

Wikipedia, bastion of wisdom that it scxlzi, literally says, “Stephen Edwin King born September 21, is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction! But the attempt at the latter doesn’t seem to work. I really liked his childlike outlook. Still, I’d say that the mission was accomplished. Again, we get the adaptation to a new body but th 4. It’ll deserve another attempt. Funny how that will make a person creative,:: However, I read it in June and I have just read this brigaded volume three years later.

Could you hit the button for the top floor, please?

The Ghost Brigades

We just had a different person as the hero. But it was your freedom of choice that enabled you to choose my review. Jan 27, Milda Scallzi Runner rated it liked it Shelves: May 07, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: They came out a few years before you filmed Avatar.

I spend much of the morning slicing, dicing and simmering. If you want to contact Jonn, using the mail function here is a really bad way to do it.

They aren’t mindless automatons, but they aren’t quite people either. It was also missing the humor johm made ‘Old Man’s War’ so much fun. You can tell the characters apart.

My favorite part of the series so far was Perry as an old man and immediately after he got a new body. Open Preview See a Problem? Lock In Unlocked: There is also waaaaaay too much explaining. On it’s own – it’s a good read. They are adults without childhoods, humans with neither a past nor any identity that their BrainPal hasn’t established to serve the CDF’s military goals.


Scalzi has a good sense of humour and he even makes a good living out of his more humorous sci-fi but in Old Man’s Warand to a lesser extent this book The Ghost Brigadessome of the jokes just sort of short circuit for me.

One thing I really like about this book is how Scalzi confounds my expectations by introducing the main protagonist Jared Dirac more than 60 pages into the book, and how his story arc develops in unexpected directions. They are the star attraction in the OMW universe as far as I’m concerned. All the characters were well done.

The Ghost Brigades – Wikipedia

It’s something I’m seeing a lot of in SF, and brigade interesting how differently it’s handled. I enjoyed the first book Old Man’s War very much, I even rated it 5 stars on my Goodreads review adjusted to 4 later. Brigaades and foremost to johb the overall story is incredibly generic. The Ghost Brigades [Apr 10, ]. As Jared desperately hunts for his “father,” he must also come to grips with his own choices.

That pretty much sums up The Ghost Brigades. I’m looking forward to reading The Last Colony, and I hope that it’s a similar deal in that, too. There were almost none heavy philosophical pondering and tricky existential questions in the previous book. Weaker than the previous entry, but still fairly readable.

Scalzi uses speaker tags on every single line of dialogue. Our green warriors, yes, we get to be green as part of our enhanced genetic makeup, are created and grown by nrigades time a consciousness is implanted in them they are children in adult bodies. Retrieved from ” https: