In Spark, John J. Ratey, M.D., embarks upon a fascinating and entertaining journey through the mind-body connection, presenting startling research to prove that. Spark by John J Ratey, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Best selling author, John J. Ratey, MD, is an Associate Clinical Professor of of ” Spark-The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,” Dr. Ratey.

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And, in a book purporting to be about bringing the benefits of science to people, this seems to me utterly unacceptable. Ratey takes a fascinating look at the relationship between exercise and brain function. What stuck out to me the very most is the author’s recommendation for certain sports for kids with ADHD. The latest studies have revealed 1 Exercise helps produce the chemicals in the brain that grow new neurons in the brain, increasing our learning aptitude.

Those who are physically active, for instance, have a 50 percent lower chance of developing colon cancer. But I like my brain By drawing down surplus fuel, exercise also bolsters our supply of BDNF, which is reduced by high glucose. Single guy without a girlfriend. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. When authors use research to support their claims, but then are vague about their sources, it makes me very uncomfortable, especially when I can compare it to other books where the authors make a much better effort to give their ideas credibility, even in the field of pop-science.

Filled with amazing case studies such as the revolutionary fitness program in Naperville, Illinois, that has put the local school district of 19, kids first in the world of science test scoresSPARK is the first book to explore comprehensively the connection between exercise and the brain.

Consistent exercise balances the chemistry of the brain. View all 7 comments.

1-Page Cheatsheet: John Ratey’s Spark

At this school, P. Finally, exercise can to some extent counteract vascular damage.

I think the book would have been improved had it had an introductory chapter that showed the hard ratwy, then focused on case studies, for example, only making passing sppark to the science chapter as needed. Basically, the premise of this book is that aerobic exercise makes you better in just about every way, shape, and form. I was interested in the science behind this idea, and it did motivate me to get off my butt, But I quickly became bored due to the repetitivness of the information and had to skim the rest.


The book is technical in many places but most enjoyable.

But I don’t like the way he did it. I may need this info to motivate myself in the future. Basically the author says exercising literally grows brain cells.

Spark : The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Regular schmoes will have to make do with gardening or walking the dog or an occasional game of tennis. Refresh and try again.

It also bolsters neurons against excess glucose, free radicals, and the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, all necessary, but they can damage cells if left unchecked. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Despite discussing some unfamiliar neurochemical names, the narrative remains very accessible to the layperson.

All in all, if there sprk one silver bullet that magically possessed all humans needed to thrive and be healthy both mentally and physically exercise would be it.

1-Page Cheatsheet: John Ratey’s Spark – Kevin Habits

Deferred gratification Auditory processing disorder Deficits in attention, motor control and perception Developmental coordination disorder Low arousal theory Sluggish cognitive tempo Sensory processing disorder Hunter vs. The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brainwhich describes the positive benefits that exercise can have for learning and for people with anxiety, depression and ADHD. I suspect some bias on the part of the author when choosing which studies to cite informally in the book, but as a student of medicine I can, to a reasonable degree, certify that the science is all sound.

Women reach peak bone mass at around thirty, and after that they lose about 1 percent a year until menopause, when the pace doubles. Sep 15, Cara rated it it was amazing Recommended to Cara by: The following quote is about the relationship between exercise and dementia.


Ratey also co-authored Shadow Syndromes with Catherine Johnson, PhD, in which he describes the phenomenon of milder forms of clinical disorders. It strengthens the cardiovascular system. Aug 03, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: Hit the weights or resistance machines twice a week, doing three sets of your exercises at weights that allows you to do ten to fifteen repetitions in each set.

It will change forever the way you think about your morning runor, for that matter, simply the way you think Author talks about different factors which plays a major role in our body. I’m on the primal bandwagon and this book fits right in with that lifestyle and backs it up with science that Spzrk don’t understand!

I couldn’t find any reference to this web page in the book when I was initially looking for it. This jojn focus is exercise, but the author slips a few comments in about nutrition that caught my eye: Ultimately, Spark is an important book, but one that is a slog unless this issue is one that fascinates you. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

John Ratey – Wikipedia

Jul 25, Mario Tomic rated it really liked it. I used to find it extremely boring and exhausting in the past and, to tell the truth, I still do. As a slow and uncoordinated athlete he he I embrace that concept!!

Cognitive therapy works on depression from the pre-frontal cortex down, and anti-depressant medication works from the brain stem up, exercise attacks depression from both the top and the bottom, as sparkk as re-wiring and re-structuring the brain, causing long-term changes.