THE EAST COAST HAD LES PAUL. Perhaps the West Coast’s answer to the guitar kingpin was Jimmy Wyble. Wyble, who passed away. The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book were also developed as techniques needed to improvise jazz in two lines. Jimmy uses. As many of you know Jimmy Wyble passed away in early January of just a If you don’t have Jimmy’s book – “The Art of Two Line Improvisation” – it is now.

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It is very large and will take a few moments of your time.

The Art of Two-Line Improvisation eBook+Online Audio – Mel Bay Publications, Inc. : Mel Bay

This book has been out of print for over three decades. All the music in these volumes will be either composed and worked out by Jimmy himself or a transcription that Jimmy has personally approved both the fingering and notation. Jimmy uses very standard jazz guitar chord shapes in these etudes; however, these shapes move through the harmony in lines rather than block chord structures.

You can find out more about. Welcome to a new section titled: Please be patient and the information and lessons will continue to be added little by little.

Art of Two-Line Improvisation, the

It will be very easy to see how I came up with the ideas I did for both the “Autumn Leaves” arrangement as well as the “Black Orpheus” arrangement by learning these etudes. I look at this material not as chord melody arrangements but as beautiful compositions and studies based on a famous progression or tune.


These exercises were developed by Jimmy to help develop the technique and musicianship of his students to play his etudes.

He sees different harmonies inside different chord shapes and applies this concept directly to his contrapuntal improvisation. You will be notified when new files have been added to this site. I hope that these concepts will spark improvisatiom creativity in your practicing. The Art of Two-Line Improvisation.

Jimmy didn’t have much use for anything that kept him from his guitar. US Customers International Customers. The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book were also developed This lesson takes a simple C major triad and alters it and sends in through a cycle.

The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book were also developed as techniques needed to improvise jazz in two lines. He decided to leave all of the computer needs to people like myself and his friend, Russell Chan, who maintained Jimmy’s own website for him.

His goal for this information was to start with a simple chord shape and just go with it in as many different and creative directions as possible. Jimmy also gave me some more material to add to this packet that he didn’t have a chance to work on that day as well as material that he would like to have added to this packet from a previous course that fwo-line taught at GIT in the ?

Mel Bay products are available through your local music store or through online dealers. This lesson plan follows Jimmy’s creative thought process as he kept coming up with new things to do on the guitar. Written in notation and tablature.


Art of Two-Line Improvisation, the : Jimmy Wyble :

Please take a moment to add your e-mail address to my mailing list. Not a valid email. Jimmy’s Sketchbook – Sound Files.

This is an arrangement that Jimmy wrote based on the changes to the tune “Sweet Georgia Brown”. This is an interview of Jimmy by Jim Carlton. Jimmy gave me many arrangements and compositions to me to post here. It is both very simple but at the same imptovisation brilliant. Mel Bay PublicationsJan 13, – Music – 96 pages.

This packet comes from Jimmy’s seminar he gave at Musicians Institute on March 13, This is the program from a memorial celebration honoring the life of Jimmy Wyble kf at Vittelo’s jazz club on April 17, If you like what you see on this site, then this book will be very necessary to developing these contrapuntal skills.

It will literally take years to go through everything. It is hoped that jazz and classical guitarists playing and working through these etudes will see many familiar improvisqtion shapes moving in new ways and creating new sounds. Be sure to listen to his recording in the the sketchbook sound files.