LIC Jeevan Saral (plan ) is one of the most ‘flexible’ and ‘feature rich’ conventional endowment type plan ever launched by LIC of India. Know maturity amount of lic jeevan saral plan Enter Premium and age to calculate maturity of your jeevan saral plan. Table no Jeevan Saral: With Profit Plan. Winner of Golden Peacock Award. A Unique plan-probably first of its kind. A conventional plan but has good.

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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Jeevan Saral is a good policy especially for young customers as the maturity sum assured is considerably higher when joined at an younger age. Im am now in my 5th year of earal. Surrendering a policy in between is not advisable due to several reasons. So far Loyalty additions have been declared only up to 16 years and the rates are also good compared to the current market rates. Reply i yearly paying as premium since july when can i expect loyalty additions… and how much pln expect in 10 years Reply Use the calculator provided in the post to get loyalty additions and maturity value… Reply Hi, I purchased a Jeevan Saral Policy to help a friend who became a LIC jeevaj.

Year of Purchase Now i want to quit this policy bcoz somebody told me there are no benefits of this policy.

I am investing monthly premium of in Jeevan saral. HelloI am started my jeevan saral policy at Reply The increase of Loyalty addition rates with the term is a good indicator of the high possible returns of long-term policies.

How jeevqn total amount I would be getting end of the policy. If I wish to continue upto 3 years, how much i will get all total? Surrendering a policy before the term is not advisable as you are losing the insurance coverage. Give the term as the period completed.


Jivan Saral Terms: Reply Hi Sathish, You need not wait till the 35th year to get loyalty additions, If you surrender the plan post 10th year you will get loyalty additions depending on the period completed at the time of surrender.

I entered it at the age of 25 years in July Maturity sum assured is considerably pkan for Jeevan Saral Policy at higher ages. As you started the policy at the age of 30, good returns are guaranteed.

Jeevan Saral ATM Plan table no | LIC (Life), Health, Motor Advisor / Agent Delhi NCR

You can use the calculator provided to get a clear idea on the advantage of taking this policy at an young age. I paid my 1st jeevan saral atm plan in March and will be paying jeevan saral atm plan 4th premium in couple of days. I have same heevan. If I wish to continue upto 25 years, how much i will get all total?


Sanjeev Ranjan 21 January at Mrinmoy Saha 28 January at Suraj Shinde 23 December at Can you please tell me my agent right or wrong? My half yearly premium is Rs. I guess i am being tricked by my agent Reply The surrender value of your policy is just a call away. Chandramouly Sundaresan 4 March at Somewhere I read that there would be an accumulation interest as well. My monthly payment is What will be the Special Surrender Value if I surrender the policy after paying full premium for 27 years?


Now just completed 5 years.

LIC India | Jeevan Saral | Jeevan Anand: LIC Jeevan Saral (Table No. )

Jaipal Reddy 28 December at Sum assured 2,50, at 8th year, should I pay any Tax on the surrender value? Sudhir Das 24 December at Due to the high flexibility it offers to the customer, it is often referred at a conventional plan, with the flexibility of Unit Linked Plans. Premium per month Reply No tax is applicable for Surrender value or maturity amount of Jeevan Saral.

Reply Hi Anish i took Saral policy in yearly premium 72, upto now i paid all premiums and like to surrender this policy. Please help on below questions.

Sir, I am Harikrishnastarted paying Jeevan Saral t. As checked with branch, they suggested the loyalty addition can be paid only completing the policy term which is 35 years?

Pralabh Jain 6 January at My advise is to continue the policy and get the maturity amount and avail the invaluable insurance coverage till maturity. The loyalty additions will be automatically added by LIC after 10 years and I dont need to provide additional money for this? Loyalty additions are showing an increasing trend with the term and hence you are likely to get excellent returns.

My early premium Rs. So if you are sarao on the 12 th year, you will get loyalty additions available for a policy with term 12 years. Keep the monthly premium as or put sum assured as 15,00, No in feb.