Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and existence / Jean Hyppolite ; translated by Leonard Lawlor and. Amit Sen. . Hyppolite’s interpretation of Hegel, see also Jean Hyppolite, “La ‘phenoin . This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism’s most obscure dialectical synthesis: the relation between the phenomenology and the logic. This book is.

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It is itself its own possibility. It assumes that we are aware of the extent to which Hegel, insidiously perhaps, is close to us; it implies a knowledge, in that which permits us to think against Hegel, of that which remains Hegelian. Will Sharkey added it Jan 14, In the form of being and nothingness, of being and the question of being, their opposition is reciprocal. This is why sense also comprehends non-sense, the anti-Logos; it is in itself just as much as it is for itself, but its in-itself is for itself, and its for-itself is in itself.

Pap on Logic, Existence, and Descriptions. Being interiorises itself while essentialising itself. Reflection negates itself; being as conception of being, essence of being, is not distinct from being itself, the ontological possibility of hypplite.

The method, however, is synthetic as well, since its object, determined in an immediate way as simple universal, shows itself as an other because of the determination of the immediacy that it possesses. As absolute method, it is the opposite of instrumental knowledge or of external reflection, which would be merely subjective. This “to contain,” however, has nothing spatial about it.

Mediation is the object itself and the object is mediation. Logic and Existence, which originally appeared incompletes the project Hyppolite began with Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.


Logic and Existence (Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)

In the field of knowledge, forgetfulness and memory correspond to this dialectical distinction of being and sense, insofar as one does not make memory congeal into an in-itself this would be essence ; one has to see in memory the movement of recollection, the comprehensive genesis that constitutes the past. None of your libraries hold this item. It is the movement by which being negates itself, turns itself into appearance, and the movement by which, while negating itself, it posits itself, makes itself essence in appearance.

Being is not yet in-itself for itself.

Logic and Existence – Jean Hyppolite – Google Books

existenec The concept is the universal sense that always remains universal in every particular sense, sublating itself, as in the word, and this sublation is there. Absolute method follows the object’s hypolite and does not work from the outside.

As such it is actuality” Science of Logic An artist constantly reproduces the same faces. Unstable becoming re-establishes a positivity. Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, — Contributions in notion of phenomenology. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. It is certainly difficult to imagine philosophical temperaments as different as theirs.

Logic & Existence

The logic ajd being corresponds to the transcendental aesthetic. Often I found myself asking, “But why? Hyppolite repeats Hegelian formulations in a way that seems to present an argument, but the inferences are neither intuitive nor demonstrated. Actuality as Totality is truly the dialectical synthesis of possibility and actuality. It is truth only as engendered truth.

Be the first to add this to a list. Preview — Logic and Existence by Jean Hyppolite. Actuality is conceived necessity, and the analysis that Hegel provides of the relations of the possible, of the real and the necessary, is perhaps the most illuminating of all the dialectics of essence.


Andrew marked it as to-read Mar 28, Comments and reviews What are comments? Prior, English xeistence Ontology.

Caleb Scoville marked it as to-read Jun 08, This absolute Idea, which in the element of universality contains the whole life of thought, for Hegel, “alone is being, imperishable life, hyppoilte truth, and is all truth” Science of Logic Being was not reflecting itself.

The movement of its self-position is what Jesn calls the concept, which we could translate by sense. Request removal from index. Does not its beginning already contain implicitly all of what its end will be? He himself becomes the victim of this dialectic, of the anger raised against it; he is accused of disturbing the stable positions of ethics.

Jean Hyppolite, Logic and Existence – PhilPapers

But this intelligibility, this conception, is simultaneously separated and inseparable from appearance. Sign in Create an account. Across his paintings, we can follow something like an intention which becomes explicit and precise, and which nevertheless was unaware of itself in the first works.

Essence is the recoil of being into its nothingness, the ground, and the emergence of the ground in appearance.

The determinations of hylpolite will be reproduced at this level, but as reflected determinations. The concept is at first the medium of sense in general, the medium of every comprehensive genesis.