Class: Insecta. Order: Odonata. Family: Coenagrionidae. Genus: Ischnura. Species: I. senegalensis. Common Names: Common Bluetail. Status: Common. Male: Eyes: Upper side black; underside pale green to yellow. Two bright blue spots present behind the eyes. Thorax: Bronze backed with pale green sides and . General Description. Small, hairy, brightly coloured, blue, greenish blue and shiny black, with blue and black pterostigmas and bright cobalt blue abdominal tip.

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African Dragonflies and Damselflies Online. National Centre for Biological Sciences NCBS holds copyright for all the original material and data compilations on the Odonata of India and other Biodiversity Atlas – India websites, except that photographers hold copyright for images, as cited.

Share on facebook Share by email. This study was conducted in Andaman and Nicobar Islands from through to assess the sta An inventory of Ishcnura was carried out in six districts of central Gujarat from to It is native from Africathrough the Middle Eastto southern and eastern Asia. This species prefers disturbed, open habitats such as ponds and wetland with slow flowing water. Diamond shaped and ischnrua in forewing and dull white in the hindwing.

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Ischnura senegalensis

Hannibal Lecter eat your heart out This one has no table manners whatsoever Tolerates conditions avoided by other species, e. The males have green and black stripes on the thorax, seneglaensis the most obvious feature is the azure blue end segments on the abdomen. The threats to which this taxon is subject. Click on a thumbnail to display the photograph at x pixels in a new window.

India Biodiversity Portal

Standing and often temporary waters, rivers, streams and possibly large lakes in open landscapes. English – Common Bluetail, Marsh Bluetail.

Ischnura senegalensis Rambur, Female abdomen color Odonata. Status, Habitat and Habits: Tropical areas are high Odonata diversity area Wet meadows and short grasslands bordering marshes, swamps, weedy lakes etc. Ischnura brevispina De Selys, Uses authors parameter Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata All stub articles.

Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Two bright blue spots present behind the eyes.

Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. The legs are covered with short black spines. Ischnura saharensis left and I.


It is a distributed platform of stand-alone, taxon-specific, natural history websites that give ownership and recognition to contributing senegalensiz. The last segment has black upper side and yellow on sides. Media related to Ischnura senegalensis at Wikimedia Commons.

Male wingspot color Odonata. The first segment is pale green and the second is azure blue with steel blue black on upper side.

Describes the general appearance of the taxon; e. It is a ferocious killer and does not hesitate to take on prey as large as itself. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Female face color Odonata. Related observations Show all.

Narrow stripe on sides is pale green to bright yellow bordered by a broad black band. We surveyed odonates in the districts of Kohima, Peren and Wokha in the state of Nagaland, northeas