Individual income tax return IR3. Use for the period 1 April to 31 March Use this form to complete your individual tax return for the year . specialises in filing IR3 returns so get in touch. of earnings (SOE), which the IRD will send you by the end of May along with your IR3 Form. This is because the IRD assumes that someone who earns a wage, You’ll need to file an IR3 individual income tax return if any of these.

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IR3 individual income return (What to do at the end of the tax year (31 March))

There is a good write up on it on the IRD site. What is the definition of the opening and closing market value? For example, if your phone number was Now the IR3 form itself is daunting, but even more intimidating is some of the terminology it uses. Use your activation code Once the previous page is complete, you will then receive an activation code by text. Agree to the conditions of use Check your details, click on the box to agree irr3 the conditions of use, and continue.

So it’s 31 March of the previous year and the current 31 March? This kind of overseas income can also refer to any foreign superannuation schemes you might be receiving. NZ tax year is 1st April to 31st March. If you do have to pay, there are a range of payment options open to you, including full payment, an installment plan, or the IRD may determine that you suffer undue hardship and write-off ifd or all of the amount owed. Why take a hop-on hop-off bus to travel New Zealand?


After processing, the IRD pay your refund into our trust account. Yet another daunting task that we can take off your hands.

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IR3 Filing Information

If you have earned any of this additional income you may be legally required to file an IR3. We may be able to get a time extension for you. What you can ie3 now Browse other tax resources We have a range of other useful tax and employment resources that can help navigate through your obligations working in New Zealand. We are legally required to file an IR3 on your behalf for any additional income, if we are to process your tax refund.

IR3 individual income tax return 2018

irr It’s that time of the year, I had a look at the IR3. Buying and selling during the year needs to considered as well.

It is mandatory to fill in all the fields on this page in order to proceed. Of course you did!

Have you immigrated to New Zealand? You are required to file an IR3 tax return whether you are making a profit or making a loss, and in most circumstances if you are making a loss your WooHoo is a lot larger, which can help a lot!


The IRD requires us to verify your departure and arrival dates to see if you are required to file an IR3. This tool will allow you to work out if you are entitled to a tax return in New Zealand. Was this article useful?

With the CV method. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

If you are a Director or a Shareholder in a company, we require the company to have completed their tax returns for the financial year. The best thing to do is to contact IRD directly.

New Zealand in One Week: If you are self employed then you are legally required to file an IR3 tax return, which we can do for you, WooHoo!

Originally Posted by By continuing to use our site, idd accept our use of cookiesrevised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Say a person had Facebook shares and just left it there for the full year.

For more info, see this page. Complete Step 4 I3 the yes or no questions. Finished mine last week, always a mission as bits and pieces all over the place. Have you emigrated from New Zealand?

Question 26 allows you to claim expenses and deductions.