The [Run] section is optional, and specifies any number of programs to execute after the program has been successfully installed, but before the Setup program. The latter can happen if CloseApplications is set to yes or force. Installing Shown during the actual installation process. Information Shown if InfoAfterFile is set. Note that the DisableFinishedPage directive is ignored if a restart of the computer is deemed necessary, or if a file is assigned to the InfoAfterFile [Setup] section.

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The following is a list of the supported parameters: You can override this by specifying the 32bit flag. Multiple options may be used by separating them by spaces.

If this flag is specified and the system is running Windows Vista or later, the spawned process will execute with infoafterfle normally non-elevated credentials of the user that started Setup initially i. Unnosetup Shown if Password is set. Must be combined with the sharedfile flag to have an effect. However, the following overview lists the primary differences: If this parameter is not specified, Setup retrieves the file size at startup.

Specifies additional permissions to grant in the file’s ACL access control list. If it fails to set the compression state for any reason for example, if compression is not supported by the file systemno error message will be displayed.

inno setup – How to dynamically change the InfoAfterFile in InnoSetup – Stack Overflow

Nor is it designed to be machine-parsable; the format of the file is subject to change without notice. If all attempts fail, an error message will be displayed.

Use of this flag is not recommended except as a last resort, because there is an inherent issue with it: The FileNotInDir2 message box displayed when Setup requires a new disk to be inserted and the disk was not found.


To uninstall the file Uninstaller uses the strong assembly name specified by parameter StrongAssemblyName. When a wildcard is used, all files matching it use the same options. If Setup has to restart the user’s computer as a result of installing a file with the flag restartreplace or if the AlwaysRestart [Setup] section directive is yesthere will not be an opportunity for the checkbox to be displayed and therefore the entry will never be processed.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The value of this parameter is the name of the font as stored in the registry or WIN. The file will be opened with the application associated with the file type on the user’s system, the same way it would be if the user double-clicked the file in Explorer.

If a task name is prefixed with a “! Commonly available verbs include “open” and “print”.

Programs are executed in the order they appear in the script. If the version number displayed in its title bar says ” a ” you are innksetup Non Unicode Inno Setup.

[Setup]: InfoAfterFile

Note that by default, if a program executed in the [Run] section queues files to be replaced on the next reboot by calling MoveFileEx or by modifying wininit. Both sections share an identical syntax, except where otherwise noted below.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have infoaftwrfile our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy infowfterfile cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. When solid compression is enabled, this flag instructs the compiler to finalize the current compression stream and begin a new one before compressing the file s matched by Source. This flag can be useful when installing very common shared files that shouldn’t be deleted under any circumstances, such as MFC DLLs.

It is strongly recommended innosdtup you DO NOT use this flag, unless you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. When this flag is set, Filename can be a folder or any registered file type — including. This infoafterifle is ignored if the postinstall flag isn’t also specified.

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The uninstaller will decrement the reference count the same number of times, however, so no references are leaked provided the UninstallLogMode [Setup] section directive isn’t changed from its default setting of append. If this parameter is not specified, Setup does not assign any special attributes to the file.

Setup Command Line Parameters

By default, when the shellexec flag is used it will not wait until the spawned process terminates. When the flag external is specified, Source must be the full pathname of an existing file or wildcard on the distribution media or the user’s system e. Cannot be combined with nowait or waituntilidle. When used in combination with sharedfilethe file will only be uninstalled when the reference count reaches zero. If the file is not a TrueType infoafteffile, you must specify the flag fontisnttruetype in the Flags parameter.

By default, Setup uses the name from the Source parameter, so in most cases it’s not necessary to specify this parameter.

If this flag is specified, it will wait until the process has completely terminated. Note that administrative privileges are required for this flag to have an effect.

This can be useful for extracting temporary data needed by a program executed in the script’s [Run] section. Without this flag, Setup will ask the user if an existing read-only file innoosetup be overwritten. No in innoestup ‘File exists, confirm overwrite. In the event these conditions are not met, no error message will be displayed, and the permissions will not be set.