Star Wars: Imperial Commando: st by Karen Traviss, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Clone Wars are over, but for those with reason to run from the new galactic Empire, the battle to survive has only just begun The Jedi have. st has ratings and reviews. Chad said: Karen Traviss continues to be one of the best things about the Star Wars EU with this, the fourth vol.

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Empire’s End Chuck Wendig. Traviss makes his whole psychology immediately compelling, involving, his motivations are relatable and you feel his pain imperiial step of the way. The book starts off three weeks after the end of the Clone Wars and the declaration of the new Galactic Empire under the new Emperor Palpatine’s rule. Characters from several other sources pop up as well, including the Kaminoan Jedi Kina Ha and Scout, the protagonist from Sean Stewart?

Upcoming Birthdays next 10 days. Although I was starting ipmerial see the overall picture that author Karen Traviss was trying to paint after six or seve I stand corrected. I was tempted to knock my rating down because of this, but then realized that I should rate it as though the next book was actually written.

Is it right to harbor some Jedi? How will the Corellian trained Ennen cope with the death of his squadmate? Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Traviss vacillates on the issue of Skirata’s character. In st, clone commandos can feel the growing fear, see how the Empire is coaxing people to tell on their neighbors all I can think of is the movie, Brazil!

This is going to get me killed. Published October 27th by Del Rey first published January 1st English Choose a language for shopping. And her commandk of their dry humor should be studied by the likes of Troy Denning, whose feeble grasps at humor never fail to yank me out of every story he’s written in the last five years.

Djinn Altis and his ragtag band of hippie, free-loving Jedi make lots of strategic cameos, inserting themselves into the plot and their ideals into the hearts of the entire Skirata clan. I’ve mentioned why I’ve liked Walon Vau before quintessential Mando, cold, hard, calculating and Maze too follows orders, perfect ARCbut I will detail on the others.


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Due to the new Mandalorian canon developed in The Clone Wars TV show, and other contractual problems, the series couldn’t be finished. To view it, click here. One of the earliest clone relationships, aside from Darman, was between Ordo and Besany Wennen.

No Prisoners, Altis led a group of Jedi who believed in marriage. Two stories are told at the same time in third person. However, there is one scene where she appears, just recently wakened and yet 501stt said to look “glamorous”. The final published book in the Republic Commando series is great and continues the story of Omega Squad and Delta Squad commanfo with the rest of the characters established by the author, and how they must continue impetial lives after Order 66 was enacted.

I really love this series of books and characters. The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: However, I thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on such personally problematic issues, discovering a completely new way of thinking that pulled me out of my comfort zone and reminded me just how many ‘good’ force users aren’t Jedi.

Commercial 501xt Cornucopia, 5501st Sector freight terminal; third week of the new era of the Empire Ny Vollen had never broken her word to anyone, but now seemed like a sensible time to start.

Joe, and other major franchises has earned her a broad range of fans. Return to Book Page.

501st: Star Wars Legends (Imperial Commando)

I believe that the author has an outline of the last book and how it was suppose to conclude. Other books in this series.

I’ve always had trouble figuring out who was what and this time it was even harder than usual. One story is about a group of clone troopers and other refugees of different species surviving on the neutral planet of Mandalore, while another story tells of two clones part of an elite squadron in the Empire.

In their first missionSquad 40 was tasked to capture the Antarian Ranger Jilam Kesterwho was suspected of assisting comamndo evacuation of Jedi. No doubt many have no problem with the 501sf or the focus, as I did. I think the primary reason is my lack of familiarity with the commando series, although having not read the previous books I have no way of knowing for sure.

The Jedi have been decimated in the great purge, and the Republic has fallen. It was all a load of osik. June 28, Sold by: The books in the series are a constant stream of moral delimmas as Skirata works with Jedi who, as a Mandolorian, he has a natural distrust and even hatred for and with clone soldiers who do not see his point of view about deserting the Republic or, as it has becomes, the Empire.


What the hell, that was a strange ending, please tell me there’s a follow up I need to know what happens. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Throughout, an accurate, and not very flattering, portrait of the Jedi emerge, as arrogant elitists who do not care about the collateral devastation they cause the clones and the common beings of imperiial universe while accompishing their mission of supporting the Republic. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Republic Commando Book 4. This is the second disappointment of the series.

Hopefully, this issue is leading up to a plot point in the last book. It made 5011st through the story because they are brothers, but it begins to be spoken more often by other side characters that come to shape the main characters of the story.

In the savage new galactic order, old feuds may have to be set aside to unite against a far bigger threat, and nobody can take old loyalties for granted. Skirata stepped in and saved the lives of some of the firs Having read nearly all the Star Wars novels, I have to say that this is series is the best. Furthermore, as has been stated elsewhere, this book necessarily doesn’t get a fair shake, because its sequel s were cancelled, thus leaving the plot and subplots forever unresolved.

You profane these powers by using them as weapons in war And you fail to grasp the single simple, uncompromising duty of the thre tru Jedi. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

There is always the slim chance Del Rey will bring on another quality author to take over the chore of exploring the next phase of the Skirata clan’s trevails.