Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST), Chair of Mobile .. „ Energiespeicher für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen mit Hybridantrieben,“ in 1. war die Fachtagung Hybridantriebe für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen geboren. Inzwischen findet die 4. Fachtagung statt, die sich heute als anerkanntes Forum im. Mit Strom und Sprit—Entwicklung von Hybridantrieben für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen. In: dSPACE Magazine, 2. dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn. Eckstein, L., Schmitt.

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The results have been obtained through a precisely determined mathematical model and by simulating the characteristics of all essential values for the entire drive.

There is possibility of system hybridantridbe by choosing the optimality criterion coefficients, which allows one to select the hybridantdiebe characteristics of the drive: The reduction of CO2 emissions was also estimated. This paper presents a methodology to transform driving behavior of persons into the one of cars in order to analyze the driving pattern of electric vehicles EVs based on the National Travel Surveys. Full Text Gybridantriebe The concept of converting a car with an internal combustion engine and manual transmission in a hybrid is regarded.

In many designs the synchronous cooperation of several electric drives is required in addition to the desired dynamic properties.

Electric-drive vehicles use electricity as their primary fuel or to improve the efficiency of conventional vehicle designs. Year of fee payment: However, what are the batteries worth to the power system? Full Text Available The paper presents variable speed belt conveyor system where the reference speed is changed in order to achieve improved energy efficiency of operation.

Therefore, the linear dynamic mathematical model of the IM has been obtained. As the General Motors Corporation shuts assembly plants and veers toward bankruptcy, the lonely remnants of one of its top technological achievements–the first modern mass-produced electric car–lie scattered across a few dozen American college campuses.

The approach is based on using time-dependent solutions of a well-known Fokker-Planck equation for the distribution function of fast electrons calculated concurrently with solving plasma transport equation in the Automated System for TRansport Analysis ASTRA [1]. As a consequence, it calls for advanced and intelligent control strategies for the power electronics based drive systems like adjustable speed drives in industry.


Almost all electricity in the UK is generated by rotating electrical generators, and hybridantrieebe half of it is used to drive electrical motors. This second edition includes an important new chapter on mathematical and computer simulation of machine systems and revised discussions o.

DEA1 – Omnibus – Google Patents

CO 2 taxes and ICE efficiency gains will lead to opposite impacts of the H 2 target prices at the pump. A new driving range estimation model based on the combination of driving cycle identification and prediction is proposed and investigated. In the most general approach it relates to life processes as well as behavior in nature in rest. REF Ref document number: Optimization of parameters of special asynchronous electric drives.

In robotized industrial plants it is possible to use electric motors in the technological process and also for control, assembly, transport, testing, and measurements.

DK Free format text: The experimental results obtained on the system prove that, under existing constraints, the applied algorithm has not introduced additional stress to the belt or mechanical assemblies arbeitemaschinen acceleration and deceleration processes, while providing higher energy efficiency of operation.

Phase 2 applies a genetic algorithm to find the optimal value of the arbeitsmsschinen ratios, in which each individual of each generation applies Phase 1. The mathematical models used for examination of the transitive electromagnetic and hybeidantriebe processes, are grounded on systems of nonlinear differential equations with nonlinear coefficients parameters of equivalent circuits of motors, varying in each operating point, including owing to appearances of saturation of magnetic system and current displacement in a winding of a rotor of an induction motor.

The following subjects were dealt with during the VDE arbeitsmasschinen This volume contains the papers of the 65 lectures, held at the symposium. The electronic differential system ensures the robust control of the vehicle behavior on the road. The purpose of the proposed strategy is to improve vehicle economy and longitudinal driving stability. At least two obstacles still need to be overcome. Single-wheel drive with new electric components.


EP2607294A1 – Mobile Arbeitsmaschine mit Startgenerator – Google Patents

New electric drive controls speed of a polyphase as motor by varying frequency of inverter output. LI Free format text: Hybridantreibe a quarter of new electrical machines are driven by variable-speed drives. This presentation for the Annual Merit Review discusses integrated vehicle thermal management by combining fluid loops in electric drive vehicles.

The connection between a steering unit and a model is realized by interface RS A multifunctional converter system is arbeismaschinen because it uses the motor drive system as.

In particular, if one assumes the shape of the phase current to be rectangular, the optimal shape of the control actions will depend on the width of the interpolar gap.

multimotor electric drive: Topics by

In addition to the contribution to the literature about energy moible of electric vehicles, the findings from this study enlightens consumers to choose appropriate cars that suit their travel This popular textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated in the light of these changes. It is noted that in this case no circulating pulsations are applied to the input of the control system, caused by a non-identical interface between the sensor and the shaft of the operating mechanism.

The goal of this work is the analysis of two induction motors electrical drivetaking into account parametric perturbations and also a limited moment of wheel-rail adhesion, by laboratory study and simulation.

In the short run, a unidirectional relationship runs from electricity consumption to output is found. The dirty derivative is an approximate version of the perfect derivative which introduces an estimation error few times analyzed in drive hybrjdantriebe.