Buy For.A HVSHS Type B M/E Switcher featuring Allows 8 HD/SD-SDI I/ O, HVSROU M/E 12 Button Panel Supports Frame Synchronizer Function. For-a HVSHS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download For-a HVS- HS Operation Manual. The HVSHS provides eight inputs and outputs standard, which can be expanded to 24 inputs and 12 outputs. HD/SD-SDI I/O is standard.

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It retains the unique specifications that allow selection of operation style and can be used on all types of locations for almost anything live, events, news, outside broadcasting vans, sports, editing, presentations, etc.

Frame Synchronizers A frame synchronizer function comes standard for input. This enables asynchronous signals to be switched as is. Also comes equipped with Proc Amp function capable of 350hhs video level, chroma level, etc.

HVS-350HS Type A 1.5 M/E Switcher

This achieves a fully mixed SD and HD environment with a switcher alone, with no need to connect an external device such as an up-converter. This is naturally suitable for re-sizing not only SD signals but also PC video. The HVSHSDI-A option does not have a re-size function Event Memory When reading out events from current settings, you can call them up while assisting the transition to the event’s registered status.

Freely set the events to be called up and the time to assist to the registered status. Doing the same thing with previous video switchers requires using a sequence function, a time-consuming job that includes selecting patterns.


In contrast, the HVSHS can switch seamlessly to a recorded state with the same operation as the event memory, making this function very useful for live performances, etc.

The keyer also has a chroma key function. Wipe patterns include 2D wipe patterns and 68 DVE wipe patterns such as page turn.

Along with wipes, effects like mosaic and defocus are also provided. 350gs created still data can be sent to the main unit via Ethernet.

FOR-A HVS-350HS Manuals

Backup function stores data internally and allows reading of saved data after restarting power. Supports 4-split, split and split display patterns. The ability to make different display patterns and channel settings for each ensures flexible operation.

Each channel offers title display and tally display functions. With the addition of the AUX assignment function, all 350us channels from input to 350ns can now be checked on the multiviewer. The picture can be enlarged, shrunk, repositioned, cropped or given a border. Register an operation in advance to a user button, and just that one button is all it takes to fade, slide or zoom in or out or perform other operations.

Support for mixed input of HD and SD signal comes standard. AUX can be assigned for preview or multiviewer. Inputs and outputs can be expanded to 24 and 12 respectively.

For.A HVSHS Type B M/E Switcher HVSHS TYPE B B&H

You can easily achieve a multi-monitor setup on up to four screens by assigning four channels of DSK to four AUX channels and using the standard feature 2D DVE for the DSK in a state where the same source has been selected for each channel to enlarge the display of a portion of the video and transform and transition to match the arrangement of monitors.


Usually, a separate processor would be required for multi-monitor use, but with the HVSHS, a switcher alone can output for multi-monitor use 350h from the main channel. This unique feature is a great help in every aspect of production including operations, equipment and systems. As a result, when displaying videos on a separate monitor besides the main system, you can actively use AUX to expand the range of your production.

This lets you make various settings while viewing the picture. Of course, stable output is guaranteed with PGM, even when the menu is on hve. S3D Preview Function The HVSHS offers a stereo 3D option, enabling not only simultaneous switching of the two channels left and right, but also simultaneous output on the two channels left and right. While not meant for regular viewing, since switching takes place in field units, 305hs is valuable for checking the status of stereo 3D video onsite.


A function that outputs two output video feeds alternately in field units from one channel of output. This makes it possible to preview the status of S3D video using only an interlaced monitor and shutter glasses.