SISTEMA NERVIOSO CENTRAL SISTEMA NERVIOSO PERIFERICO SISTEMA NERVIOSO SIMPATICO Y PARASIMPATICO CAUSAS. Hoja blastodérmica – Free definition results from over online dictionaries. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘capas blastodérmicas’.

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The operations consisted in incisions of various parts of the blasto- derm, blastkdermicas of sections of tissue and cauterization of the embryo at different points. The entire cranial ganglion plus the spur are probably the equivalent of the spinal neural crest. The variations of the inferior thyroid vein in thirteen more cats can best be described by reference to the lettering in figure 6.

It is simply a thickening of the ectoderm above the cleft separating the mandibular arch from the anterior part of the head and it is continuous with the thickened integument of the mandibular arch and a less marked diffuse thickening of the ectoderm extending forward over the eye.

I have referred to the changes which take place in cells of the wound margin by which they lose their distinguishing germ- layer characters. By experiment it has been found that this is as high a concentration of anilin as will mix well with 30 per cent alcohol.

The histological and cytological 93 94 EZRA ALLEN conditions revealed upon examination are of sufficient interest for description not only for the light they throw upon certain problems blastldermicas with the Sertoli tissue, but also because they indicate the value of further experiments along the lines of their causes. The approximate points at which blxstodermicas inferior thyroid vein in these thirteen cats emptied into the innominate and external jugular veins varied greatly fig.

Las disecciones revelan tambien la existencia de una interrelaci6n definida entre el desarrollo de los tejidos blaatodermicas y muscular. The anterior portions of the vein were not drawn.

It shows the anterior surface of the otic vesicle. This does not imply that they have ever been blasfodermicas in the course of phylogeny. This point evidently represents the per- sistent episternal band which has become chondrified.


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VVith regard to the lower forms, it has now come to be quite generally agreed that cells proliferated from both series of placodes are incorporated in the cranial ganglia. The IX anlage does not come into contact with it. Clamps for rubber tubing six usually suffice. However, there are broad, shallow internal sulci cor- responding to the rhombomeres indicated in the figure. Posterior to the superior mesenteric artery 12 thepostcava 9 was situated at the left of the aorta 10 A The left ureter 28 looped around the postcava in the manner shown in the fig- ure.

As in the other tissues, immediate proximity of the cut surfaces seems to stimulate cell activity, and primary union is observed to take place in two to three hours.

The resulting fluid should be transparent and gojas dark brown in color. It has been described bladtodermicas as being at that stage the least advanced in development of the anlagen of the cranial ganglia.

Meaning of “endodermo” in the Spanish dictionary

The second bar is not so bulbous as the first nor the third blasfodermicas prom- inent as the second. This caudal extension of the vagus is much slenderer and farther removed from the ectoderm in the somite embryo than in the somite specimen. While there is a slight neuroectodermal sulcus related to the VII-VIII anlage on the right side of the embryo, none is present on the left. Eleven figures 2o Harrison- R.

Redondo Vergé, Clara

A blastoderm about twenty-four hours old had a large hole torn in the extra-pmbry- onic blastoderm. At about 29 to 31 somites the expansion of the hyoid arch results in the separation of even the ventral extremity of the ganglion from the ectoderm, but, as the ganglion recedes, it maintains its placodal contact by the drawing out of a cord of ganglionic cells extending from the lower pole of the ganglion to the ectoderm which persists until shortly yojas the thirteen—day hoias.

It was a full-term, still-bom fetus, and parturition was marked by excessive dystocia.

More recently blastoderkicas ability of dif- ferent animals to regenerate lost parts or to regenerate an entire individual from a fragment has received the major attention of biologists. Birth of two unequally developed cat fetuses Felis domestica. This head is finn and calcified, but no secondary ossi- fication center is present: The lengthening of this interval is accompanied by the shifting forward of the material dorsal to the mandibular arch to establish the maxillary region.


There is as yet no evidence of a maxillary ramus and only a short ventro-caudal projection represents the mandibular branch. This is due to arrested development. The wound margins separated widely, due to the pressure of the yolk.

ENDODERMO – Definition and synonyms of endodermo in the Spanish dictionary

Dehydration will be com- plete when the tissue is clear like amber and has been passed through one change of pure anilin. Figure 30 shows the mass of neural crest derived from the fusion of the crest hojaw the two sides of the body, lying above the hohas neural tube between it and the overlying ectoderm.

In the posterior region of the trunk four parallel ridges are pres- ent; two belong to the axial zones, the medullary and somitic ridges; two belong to the parietal zone, the Wolffian and mar- ginal ridges.

The adductors magnus, longus, and brevis are small ; separable at their origins, they insert by a common tendon into a ridge im- mediately above the medial condyle. Transection through the ophthalmic ramus of the trigeminus, to show its. Wound is closed and covered by ectoderm, a few iiulifforcnt colls can be scon where the two mesenchymal plates join.

Figure 8 is taken from this experiment. The trigeminal anlage shows little change between 12 and 14 somites. The early history of the neural plate and tube has been followed, inasmuch as an understanding of the growth and subdivisions of the early neural tube is necessary in studying the relations of the ganglia.