Tanksley said you can print and fill out form HJB or (found at www. ), or fill it out. Hjb – Fill Online,. Printable, Fillable, Blank |. PDFfiller – Joint Base. Lewis- McChord. Registration of Personal. Firearms HJB Form. ,ly. room, the HFL Form will be turned in also. ยง Registration and storage. (a) All types of personal weapons to include rifles, shotguns.

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Register weapons before target shooting on base

Call for a safe ride, no questions asked, on Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p. If you have questions related to either vehicle or weapons registration services, the phone number to the main registration office, which is located at Waller Hall, is There is yjb range for general target shooting, Range 15 along East Gate Road has a covered shooting area, so the elements matter less. Additionally, vehicle operators on all DOD installations and operators of governmentowned vehicles are not authorized to use cell phones unless the vehicle is safely parked or they are using a hands-free device.

For schedules, rates and travel ideas, stop by the Leisure Travel Center on base, call toll-freeor write: For Airmen residing in the dorms, the weapons must be stored in the Armory, Building P21, The registration form must be readily available at all times while a weapon is located on JBLM property.

For rates and schedules, call Part 2 Turning a mess into a message Resources available to services members dealing with substance use disorders Phone Directory. Motorcyclists are required to wear protective clothing and equipment including: The registrant will be asked to return the decal or sign a statement that the decal was removed and destroyed.


Register weapons before target shooting on base

The registration is free and good for five years. Wednesday, Thursday and weekends. Service members residing in family quarters may store the weapon in the quarters. When your license is due to expire, or if it has already expired, write or call your issuing state department of licensing to notify them that you are in the military and are stationed out of state.

Volunteers drive weekends transporting intoxicated Soldiers from clubs on base. If you had a valid license when you entered the service, it may continue to be valid as long as you are on active duty. Tanksley said you can print and fill out form HJB or found at www.

The skeet range, with more than a dozen fields, is open from 10 a. To get to the skeet range, park outside Scouts Out Gate at the end of 2nd Division Range Road and walk to the range just beyond the gate.

Children under 13 years old need to be transported in the fom seat. Hkb entering JBLM, vehicle occupants are required to declare the presence of any firearms in the vehicle. JBLM requires motorcycle operators to complete a DODapproved foundation safety course prior to registering their motorcycle on the installation. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

The polymer targets swing and twist when hit. For more detailed information, call Base Registration Soldiers, Airmen and Department of Defense civilians must register their vehicles on base and obtain DOD registration decals within five days of arrival.


The decal is valid for access as long as it hjg legible. The office of the Pierce County Auditor will be glad to answer any questions about vehicle registration.

The guard will decide whether to inspect your permit or your weapon. Frm hour information, call Private companies authorized by the state to issue license plates can be found in the yellow pages.

For more information check out the following website: The wearing of any other portable headphones, earphones or other listening devices except for hands-free cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited. Decals are not issued with an expiration date at JBLM. Any weapon can be registered. Washington has a staggered licensing system: There also are benches for your range bag, ammunition and other accessories you bring.

Spouses of military service members assigned to JBLM who will have children 81 in the public school system or who will be receiving fform assistance e.

Any eligible person from either branch of service can register at 86 location during the hours of operation Firearms Registration Any privately owned weapon being brought onto any portion of JBLM for any reason is required to be registered with the Directorate of Emergency Services. The Department of Licensing has more than 60 offices throughout Washington where drivers are tested and licenses are issued.