Dua E Hizbul Bahr – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Basha’ir Al Khairat – Arabic Text. Uploaded by. TAQWA (Singapore). HIZBUL BAHR. THE LITANY OF THE SEA. By Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah. For Protection against any harm, Jinn, Sihr, enemies, evil effects, and for. Nov 17, Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the sea. Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the Sea- Arabic-English-Transliteration-Imam Shadhili.

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In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Muhammad Ahson Raza 27 December at We ask Your protection, in movements and rests, in words and desires and thoughts; from doubts and imaginings, and the illusions that veil hearts from beholding things unseen.

Hizbul bahr should be read times, in 3 days or 12 day. God, facilitate for us our affairs, with ease of mind and body, with security and well-being in religious and worldly matters.

Sustain us, for Thou art the best of sustainers. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful Bahf are 29 verses in this su If ‘ Bismillahi Babuna’ is written on a stone or a metal or a paper and pasted on the door of the house, will create barakah for the house and keep the evils off the house. Receiver of penitence, Severe in punishing, Forbearing. Surah Yasin 7 Mubeen Wazifa.


M y sufficiency is God. Ar-Rahman is a help for bar who believes in Him.

Hizb al-BaHr :: Hizb ul BaHr :: Litany of the Sea :: Audio :: Text :: Translation |

Yet, they do not take heed. These are the 6 ways the devil and jinns can attack arxbic or enter you and the 7th is your Sadr-Chest referring to ones heart. Ghafiridh-dhambi wa qabilit-tawbi shadeedil ‘iqabi dhit-tawli la ilaha illa huwa ilayhil maseer.

A revelation sent down by the Mighty, the Merciful, that thou mightest warn a people whose fathers had not been warned. Be compassionate toward us, for Thou art the best of those who show compassion.

Hizbul Bahr ~ Quranic Wazifa

The Shadhilis have always taught spiritual heights can barh be reached by rigorous application of the Shariah. Open to us the hand of mercy, for Thou art the best of openers. Wa-aafina qabla zalika allahumma laa tuakhizna bisuee aamalina wala tusalit allina manl laa yarhamuna fid dunnia walakhirati waquffa aiidiyaz zalimina anna yaa haffizu ihfizna wayasir uomorana wa-hassil muradana watammim taqsirana banr washfi marzana wa-aslih zaata bainina wa-ahlika aadaana allahumma qahiri aadaaii washaatit shamlahum wafarriq jamaahum wa-maazik diyarahum.

May [God] bless our walls. Again the captain objected, “This wind will drive us back to Cairo before the end of this day, and, bhar, with the wind as it is, to get the ship under sail will be absolutely impossible: The captain converted to Islam, both he and his brother. Bismillah is healing from every illness and protection against every disease. Before them have We placed a barrier, and behind them a barrier, and We have obscured their vision; so they see not Q Wa law nashaa-u lamasakh nahum ‘ala bxhr famas-tata’u mudiyyaw-wa la yarji’oon.


Thou art powerful over all things.

Kaf ha ya ‘ain sad. So to be connected to Imam Shadhili also here are Jinn to issues that some will have issues. Once you read my article below about the extremely powerful meaning of Bismillah you’ll get a taste why i use it so much.! Best places for reading hizbul bahr. In the name of God bismillah agabic our door.

Hizb al Bahr – The Litany of the Sea – Download

God is behind them, round about. Render subservient to us everything, “O Thou, whose hand holds sovereignty over everything” Q. You hit or slap your left hand on the floor. The veil of the throne has been dropped over us, and the eye of God is gazing at us.

I am actually a mureed of some one too and have also asked him for the permission adn he gave me the permission too. Then the wind shifted so that we were sailing into it. Li tunzira qawmam-ma undhira aabaa-uhum fahum ghafiloon. They finished the pilgrimage that year.