the Name It, Claim It Game and the SPEC Technique by Helen Hadsell Helene was a good woman and she had great information. 2 Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game Contesting: The Name the first entry in his full name, Chris Vince Hadsell; for the second entry. Helen Hadsell. Books By Helen Hadsell. Most Popular Books Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game: Wineuvers for Wishcraft. Helen Hadsell. from: N/A.

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The games went on, and prizes of no importance were offered. It was made to hrlene for me. At that time I needed an electric trypan. I didn’t need it. What do you wish to achieve? I wanted to understand “me” better. May 03, Iona Stewart rated it really liked it.

The Name It And Claim It Game – ContestQueen

He told me that the day he chose to go back and look at it again, in hopes he could get it at a reduced price, he found to his delight, that it had been marked down to half price. She found out that winners of such competitions all had the following in common: Choose exactly what must it be, with as much detail calim possible: You Can27 issue No.


At this time, I was acquainted with a number of people whose hobby was contesting. I developed a desire, a goal, and a determination.

Published on Nov View I really didn’t want to go, but it was required by the doctors for other reports to collect fees from the accident insurance company. Begin to act as if you expect success, happiness, and abundance.

Any other wins, I wanted cash. Change your expectations, and you change your conditions.

Everything becomes right, when we learn to love in this new way. The first prize that flashed on the screen for the audience was her refrigerator. I asked my husband to draw up plans for the house.

I’m sure both mother and daughter sent the answers to the person playing, and of course, I did. Linkletter’s views on the subject.

Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique

We were to complete, in fifteen words, why we liked their candy product. We were excited after the investigation, and now questioned ourselves as to how long it would take them to make it official, that we were the winners37Contesting: He too, knew it was mine and found no problem paying for it. With this as an end result, it will work its way to fruition in due course. Upon her return home she wrote me thedetails of how this all came about. It was one of her entries that won, for the family, a complete home library, consisting of the fifteen-volume set of Childcraft and the twenty-volume World Book Encyclopedia.


The person on the other end of the line identified himself as one of the “big wheels” from Formica. In other words, I was connin’ myself for the big lift.

The Name It and Claim It Gamevery possible, but again, I could only follow my intuition, and pursue the cclaim to my satisfaction, or dismiss it as not worth the effort. Dear reader, let me now hadswll that in the past, I probably was one of the most difficult patients with whom the medical profession had coped. What is it made of?

If no one answers, I will concede to let Mike be the winner.