Gods and Generals has ratings and reviews. Ron said: For those who may not know, Jeff Shaara is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote The Killer. This is the question that haunts Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara’s moving novel Using a novelist’s tools and the techniques of psychohistory, Shaara takes us. The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff.

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Half Spent Was the Night. In short, it is everything that a reader could ask for. How could 50, underfed, undersupplied soldiers prevail against a well-prepared, well-equipped force of ,? I never realized how poorly executed the Civil War was at times, and how po I read Gods and Generals mainly because it was the prequel for the book I really wanted to read eventually: Lousiana State University Press, Read this for the third time, as my book club selection.

This one rivals his father’s book, “The Killer Angels”. Part I spans the period from November through June l Well, I think writing is in the family genes.

He started going to Gettysburg as a small boy. When Hancock and Couch report this to Burnside advising him to begin the crossing immediately, Burnside rejects the plan as too risky. This book seemed to me to be endless descriptions of what every general on both sides was doing during the Civil War–and not the whole Civil War, but just until What aspects of the novel contributed to this change? Ultimately, on May 10, Jackson dies.

Gods and Generals

Novels by Jeff Shaara. It’s hard to fathom. When a fall from his horse results in serious injury to both hands, the courageous Lee carries on, inspiring his shaaea with “the intangible sprit of the commander. These are a perfect summer read for me because I start teaching the CW at the beginning of the year to my 8th graders.


In December, just before the battle, Jackson learns that his wife has borne a daughter, “You did not take her from me, Thank You,” he prays. Shaara shows us the difficulty on both bods in the early days of the war, the clash of egos, the concern for reputation that made “quick actions and smooth organization impossible”.

Those two small complaints behind, I cannot recommend this book enough. Stay in Touch Sign up. The story begins in 57?? Nonetheless, I didn’t think it quite the equal of “The Killer Angels. I’m going to quote the words of Jason Mraz and say: Gettysburg is truly a national treasure. Contact us about speaking engagements with Jeff Shaara. The Army of Northern Virginia by F.

Gods and Generals (novel) – Wikipedia

As the order is carried out, Hancock grieves for his men who are running from an enemy generrals have defeated. He was a brooding, mystical, sort of man—not exactly likable.

Before We Were Yours. The location is mostly around Virginia.

Gods and Generals Teacher’s Guide

Set mostly in the time it seemed possible the South would actually win the war. This book and the series of three novels about the Civil War was highly recommended, so I was very disappointed. Refresh and try again. The story line was fine.

Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara – Teacher’s Guide – : Books

He easily could have written something that was just a weak attempt at copying at what his father had done, but he really does live up to his father’s legacy. Yet it repeatedly failed to do so. However, it seems less like fiction and more like military history. A native of New Jersey, Michael Shaara grew to be an adventurous young man: After some considerable soul-searching, Jeff decided to try to tackle the project himself.


This book perpetuates civil war mythology. Grant—complicated, heroic, and deeply troubled men—through to its riveting conclusion at Appomattox. While I’m sure that was true of some, Sharra portrays the Southern Generals as fighting for their homeland, for their families, and as unwilling to turn their weapons against their own homes. Jun 20, Blain Dillard rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt that this book was accurate in its character portrayals, but it I love American History, but I had a really hard time getting into this book.

Lee sides neither with “the radicals of the deep South” nor with the northerners who speak of “radical abolition,” but when he is forced to make a choice, it is his loyalty to his home state that becomes the deciding factor. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Apr 29, Pages Buy. This book takes a unique perspective leading up to the Civil War, introducing us to the notable historical figures in that confrontation. Books by Jeff Shaara. But the discrepancy between the troops is growing, barely 25, exhausted and underfed Confederates facing an army of nearly one hundred twenty thousand, many of whom have not yet seen action.

This was a fairly lame book. McClellan, realized from the first that Hancock was a real soldier and ahaara earmarked him for high responsibilities. I mean, I can see why the wealthy southerners wanted to hang on to their free labor