GMAT Data Sufficiency questions may be unique, but they aren’t impossible. Use these 6 tips to master Data Sufficiency on the GMAT!. Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section. If you are taking GMAT for the first time, you must know that data sufficiency section is a. With some practice, your mind will be trained to think like a GMAT Data Sufficiency.

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Evidence Family — Inference Questions 0 A Complete Career Guide Book. Explore all the possibilities offered by each statement individually.

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First, look at 1. I wrote more about the choices, and some additional tricks you can use to navigate them, in this article. Pick the Right Number Properties: Want to improve your GMAT score by 60 points? Nothing Wrong In Eliminating and Guessing: Often on the DS section, Statement 2 will just be a repackaging of the same information provided by Statement 1.

Be careful not to carry over any information from one numbered statement to the other. The Graduate Management Admission Council TM does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content on this website. Right away, Sufficienxy notice that both 6 and 9 are multiples of 3, so the equation datta be simplified by dividing each term by 3.


They are sufficiemcy same on every single DS item. Rather, try to understand if the information given is enough to solve the question or can it help in finding the answer.

If you are trciks GMAT for the first time, you must know that data sufficiency section is a part of Quant but you do not need to solve it like standard math. I understand that my data will be held for as long as I am registered with the site trickx I will continue to receive such communications until I amend my user profile. Statements 1 and 2 both contain enough information for us to answer the question, so the correct answer is D.

Be comfortable representing these overlapping sets with Venn diagrams.

Ten Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section

Next, the statement tells us that the ratio of oak trees to pine trees is now 12 to 7. Sufficienct, we don’t know that x is an integer, which opens up the possibility that x is, say, 2. The only possible values for x are 1, 3, 5, and 7. Know when to solve single-variable equations.

GMAT Hacks: Data Sufficiency (Beginner’s Guide)

The question asks us to determine how much money will be donated to the Red Cross based on the number of cars sold at the dealership. The area of a square, for instance, contains just as much information as the side length of the square. Also see this tutorialwhich expounds on some of these tips. Statement 1 says that the ratio of oak trees to pine trees is 8 to 5. Like Comment 1 Share.


The Data Sufficiency Format If you’re a complete novice, it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic format. The code is suffficiency.

Evaluating each statement individually will help you answer data sufficiency questions quickly and more easily.

Don’t pick numbers as your default strategy. Look for questions that have algebraic answers, or questions that ask for the values of algebraic expressions instead of just the values of variables when plugging in numbers. In g,at case, we can simplify the question.

It is included with every account and proven to significantly maximize your score.

Advanced GMAT Data Sufficiency Tips (Video) |

Making this mistake is remarkably easy, especially under time pressure and in a momentary lapse of concentration. You may also find many questions based on overlapping sets. While 3, 5, and 7 are prime, 1 is not a prime.

It has to be strictly so.

Ever heard of a Math problem that you actually don’t have to solve. The freeway to an awesome SAT score, is now here! Setting yourself up with solid practice tools and creating a practice schedule you can stick to will help you prepare for the data sufficiency questions. Here, we have all of the information available to us: Don’t split hairs in analyzing story problems.

Firstly, try to analyze if one statement is sufficient to solve the question.