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Germany, punished for success — follow-up. The Commission is also assessing how funds available under ongoing programmes could be used to support reconstruction. Breach of human rights: Air pollutant concentrations are too high, and pollution of the air due, in particular, to ozone, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, creates serious health risks.

Science and research has been successfully closed? The Commission services are now in the process of analysing the information presented by both the French and Spanish authorities. Other approaches could be taken however. The projects have democrcaia socioeconomic indicators.

Establishing an EU-wide database of unidentified bodies. Infatti le esecuzioni hanno spesso luogo al termine di processi irregolari preceduti da torture e durante i quali gli imputati non hanno pieno accesso alla difesa.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Why does the European Union persist in its international defamation of Cyprus on money laundering, when Germany holds one of the top positions in the global ranking? Has the Commission detected increases in the default rate in specific sectors of the economy? The executions often take place following unfair trials preceded by torture during which the accused do not have access to proper legal representation. Cost of damage to EU-funded projects in Palestine. If not, by when does the Commission expect those democratisation measures to have actually been introduced in Turkey?


Alle Mitgliedstaaten haben die Richtlinie in innerstaatliches Recht umgesetzt. The Commission has not financially supported the construction of fences and their reinforcement with barbed wire. The Commission is well aware that child labour remains a pressing concern, and recognises that microcredit, if not managed properly, could contribute to its increase. Exhibition and sale of fascist symbols in a State school in Madrid. As a result, thousands of farmers have been fined for exceeding their milk production limits.

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This is in spite of the fact that rail projects contribute to regional development and to the creation of up to twice as many jobs as roads. Nella Commissione ha raccomandato ad Austria, Germania, Finlandia, Lussemburgo e Slovenia di dare maggior risalto alla prevenzione, nel contesto dell’assistenza di lunga durata.

After all, most often it is economically active people of working age paying taxes into the national budget who are the ones emigrating. Daarin schrijft hij onder andere: Does the Commission now feel disappointed in Turkey?

Wn Turkish parliamentary commission, which was due to draft a new constitution, is being disbanded because of a continuing lack of consensus. Peraltro, la Commissione ha preso atto del fatto che la Corte dei conti italiana, nella sua relazione speciale n. Why does it patently refuse to go into the specific subject matter of the individual cases raised in the questions?


La Demoracia en 30 lecciones by Isa Witz on Prezi

Does it consider that these projects can feasibly be completed by the end of ? The regulation also sets out measures to increase the available funding right from the start of the programming period:. What would be the expected sale price leccciones the hazelnut on the Turkish domestic market if it was not in receipt of the abovementioned direct aid?

This data can show discrepancies with data on descargat exports, but the licence source is the only one which can differentiate export with refunds in the overall physical export data provided by customs sources.

The Member States indicated are those where the licences were requested and issued, and where the refunds were paid. Subsidies for beef exports from the European Union.

Does the Commission not think that practices such as this mean that it has no moralauthority to ask the Portuguese people to make so many sacrifices? Service obligations for financial institutions. These issues were discussed in the framework of an ad-hoc EU-US working group on data protection. Microfinance projects and their impact on child labour.