Known wireless clients. MAC. Gigaset AGU. () Gigaset AGU u. LAN Gigaset AGU u MAC. ” ” () Wireless Network: () Advanced Settings (WDS) . Power on your modem, and find an hardware reset button available on the unit itselt. press and hold for some seconds, you can release after all. Page 1 of 7. Contents. Siemens AGU (ADSL Network). Connect the Ethernet cable from Huawei to LAN1/WAN port of the Gigaset router and connect.

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gigaset 504 –

Configuring Advanced Settings Qos Quality of Service Many communication and multimedia applications require high speed and large band- widths to transfer data between the local network and the Internet. Configuring Advanced Settings Setting encryption If you are sending data over radio channels, we recommend that you activate encryp- tion WEP or WPA on the components in the wireless network.

To create a service filter, proceed as follows: You can then carry out the general con- figuration. Port Forwarding Select the required option.

Before you make reset, don’t forget to save the configuration to your computer for the future. It complies with IEEE Consequently, the IP addresses of the PCs are automatically assigned by the router. The language modules available are located on the CD supplied.


For security reasons you should change this SSID. Click “Add” to insert your video. Glossary Repeater A repeater extends the range of a wireless local network by relaying data from the Access point to additional PCs or Network adapters. Status information Device You will find the most important device data on the Device screen in the Status menu.

In particular, you can do the following: Qos Quality of Service divides this capacity between the different applications and provides undelayed, continuous data transfer where data packets with higher priority are given transmission preference. Installing The Device refer to the section entitled “Internet” on page Changes the system password page Or Specify your own services manually.

Extending the wireless network coverage with a repeater. The is used to assign domain names to IP addresses.

gigaset – |

This is the vigaset under which the device can be reached in the local network. For information refer to the section “Setting encryption” on page They can be configured and operational within a few minutes.

This returns all your settings to the factory configuration. You can now make the settings for the wireless network. You will have received all the necessary information when you registered with your Service provider.


This may cause interference. Help Click this tab top right on the screen to display explanations about the current user interface screen. Page 85 Glossary Repeater A repeater extends the range of a wireless local network by relaying data from the Access point to additional PCs or Network adapters.

Making the basic settings You can now make the basic settings for Internet access using the user interface of the router page You will 5504 it to log on to the PC.

Further information can be found in the user manual for the repeater. Choose Ethernet if you giigaset setting up the connection to the Internet via an Ethernet network connection e.

Opening the firewall for a selected PC Exposed Host.

دليل المستخدم SIEMENS GIGASET 504

Network configuration of the PCs. The access point sets up the wireless network on a permanent basis. Configuring Advanced Settings Notes: You can register a maximum of three repeaters to extend your WLAN. Velliyankallu is a place in the lo