Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7 Up—In Ghostgirl (Little, Brown, ), Charlotte choked on a gummy bear and died, and, in this latest. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7 Up—In Ghostgirl (Little, Brown, ), Ghostgirl: Homecoming – Kindle edition by Tonya Hurley. A second fantastic book about Charlotte Usher – the girl who was just dying to be popular.

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Sometimes, though, the way Hurley writes just rubs me the wrong way. The illustrations include a quotation and before the beginning of each chapter, it speaks of the lesson learned in each chapter.

But that’s just me. Thanks for telling us about the problem. With Pam and Prue, Charlotte plans to evict the evil spirit at Prom. The Velma-like or Holmes-like ending of “I knew it all along” also bugged me a little. Tonya Hurley – Ghostgirl: Lucy lives on the 24th floor.

That just made them add to my list of archetypes here as ‘the queen bee’s sidekicks’. Homecoming is the second book of the Ghostgirl series, starting right where the first book left off. And deep down, she carries her own homeckming, but deals differently with them.

Charlotte dice que Scarlet y Maddy son sus amigas, pero yo no veo lazos reales entre ellas. That was probably the moment where I gave up on trying to like this book. Charlotte’s friends are ignoring her-oh wait-no they aren’t.

Walau bagaimana keadaanya, Petula tetaplah menarik perhatian. Het wordt toch herhaalt en mooi uitgelegd. Who better to teach the world than the heir to the throne? De titel is wel barslecht vertaald moet ik zeggen. Luka kecil yang diakibatkan kecerobohan perawat kuku ternyata menimbulkan infeksi.


ghostgirl – Wikipedia

And when her thousand-mile journey takes a few turns she could never see coming, Mim must confront her own demons, redefining her notions of love, loyalty, and what it means to be sane. A beautiful and powerful graphic-novel adaptation of Ransom Riggs’ No. Meanwhile, Scarlet is feeling insecure about her long-distance relationship with Damen just as Petula, who is repeating her senior year, goes into a coma after contracting staph from a pedicure.

Answering the phones at a help centre for troubled teens isn’t proving brilliantly exciting. And count me in on hoping for another in the series.

I really wanted ghoshgirl like this book but A young man is found dead after a college party in a small town. Namun semua yang dialami oleh Ghosttirl tidaklah terlalu buruk. View all 6 comments. Before she can officially cross over, she’ll have to be a source of guidance for one such teen.

Coco’s work completed, Petula receives a new guardian angel – Virginia. More books by Tonya Hurley. But now they must learn to trust again: Jun 02, Emily Hogan rated it it was amazing. Found in the library. Niet enkel over acceptatie, maar ook over vriendschap, tegenslag, het vertrouwen van anderen en nog zoveel meer.

Crap, can’t even Charlotte guessed that? I felt the story was forced and it didn’t flow very well. The people in Ghostgirl were like cartoon characters, not real at all. A manuscript which holds the secrets of their past and the key to their future. But when Mim learns her real mother is ill back home, she escapes her new life and embarks ghosggirl a rescue mission aboard a Greyhound bus, meeting an assortment of quirky characters along the way.


Scarlet feels out of place as she is leaving her goth fashions behind for a new, more mature look. Just as Charlotte is about to ghkstgirl the possession ritual, Scarlet, Pam and Prue arrive to stop her, and explain that Maddy is a murderous soul from hell attempting to turn Charlotte astray so she can “graduate” her own way. I hate the feeling of forcing myself to read something and since I had to do that here-I quit.

Sementara Charlotte dan Scarlet sedang berusaha membawa jiwa Petula kembali, Damen berjuang mengadirkan Petula ke Pesat Dansa Homecoming yang diselenggarakan di sekolah. Even though she is annoying, Scarlet still loves her sister deep down.

Afterwards, student Didi Tiensuu is approached by two mysterious women.

Ghostgirl: Homecoming

The narrator still tells you what character development should tell you and, again, it lacks any. I read it in homdcoming day. Dit is het pareltje van mijn boekenkast, dat kan ik je alvast verzekeren.