Lösung D in Download enthalten. Gänseliesel Musikalisches Suchspiel . Mysteryadventure, Fortsetzung von Geheimakte Tunguska, 3rd Person, Point&Click. American Mc Gee`s Alice Komplettlösung Teil 1. Amerika Dark Fall 2 – Lights Out Director’s Cut Lösung zur englischen Version . Geheimakte Tunguska. The Camera is an Item in Secret files tunguska, which is an digital camera. You have to speak with Lisa, then repair the Bicycle from her. Then you will become.

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Aktuelle Bundles und Angebote mit Adventure-Spielen.

Return to the homeless man. Return to the new guard. Since Michel served the cardinal for forty years and died ten after, he clearly died old. Talk to the cleaner. The Mystery tungudka Woolley Mountain. Nina goes to sleep to end the afternoon.

Talk to the zookeeper. To solve them, the player needs to combine items which can be found in the surroundings or are gained by solving other puzzles.

Camera | Secret Files Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Talk to Feng Li about taking the photo. Extra hints can be collected geheimake finding Seymour, a red and yellow doll, or by playing the jumble jar mini-game. Like its predecessor, it is a point-and click adventure with simple puzzles.


Each book acts as a self-contained mini-adventure, and the locations are illustrated pages that can be flipped back gunguska forth. Put the pawn on the square above the white king, i. Former grand inquisitor Leonardo and his assistant Bruno are sent to the isolated abbey by the Vatican to investigate the strange goings on surrounding a carefully guarded secret.

Other puzzles involve putting pieces in their right place. Use the foil with the toothpicks to get aluminium toothpicks. Hat er genug Tungusoa begleitet, kann er selbst das Zwischenreich verlassen.

Geneimakte gute Frage — vielleicht liegt es daran, dass das Spiel zwar vieles nicht wirklich optimal, aber vieles zumindest auch nicht schlecht macht. Take the life-preserver, toothpicks and a CD from the bar. Season 2 consists of: Put the stick in the hole in the ground and put the soda can on it.

Die Kunst des Mordens – Geheimakte F.B.I.

In addition to cerebral clue gathering you’ll also have to get your hands dirty from time to time. Gord ks Welt am Rande der digitalen Dunkelheit. However, for a game character, being cancelled is hardly the end of the world.


Give some peanuts to the elephant. The bomb captures lsun surrounding objects where it lands. The order is set in the list. Use the bandaged bucket on the sea to fill it.

Ask him for a raspberry. Ghostman Widescreen Games Release? Sie versuchen, dem Wanderprediger Jesus auf den Fersen zu bleiben und treffen dabei auf bekannte Figuren des Neuen Testaments.

Spukhotel in einer fremden Dimension. Go to the storeroom. Fantasy Adventure nach einem Buch von Vlado Risa. A football game is on. Use the magnifying glass SnoopKey to highlight objects and action points on the screen. Something is wrong with Ms.