Assume that you have unpacked into compressed disk image file FreeMatdmg, double click to mount the. Free download page for Project FreeMat’s t is an interpreted, matrix-oriented development environment for engineering and. FreeMat icon FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.

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[Outdated] FreeMat Portable 3.6 Development Test 5

June 25, – 9: If font settings are not changed, exiting the editor results into the infinite loop of wrong-font- setting- warning dialog. FreeMat Portable is a free portable environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing. What sort of downloads have you been getting?

I’ll try to find more testers though. LOG Total changes: October 29, – October 15, – 4: Thanks for the response scriptdaemon: How to use it. Below is an example for a tubeplot from the manual. If you’re using the PortableApps. It’s better to use the FreeMat mailing lists or the Other apps support forum. See full activity log. Sorry, found the first bug. October 8, – freemwt October 12, – 5: That way I can present it in a manner self explanatory as I wont be able to answer any questions other than about portability and OSS.


Hi horusofoz, I’ve added the features list to the main post. October 16, – 7: October 17, – 7: October 14, – 6: I just don’t fredmat to forget where I’ve found the graphics.

Index of /~fessler/irt/irt/freemat/pre

Previously I found the scientists at the museum where I was working to be reluctant to try the new software. Look up tutorials for Matlab, it uses generally the same language as far as I know. There’s a decent list on this. Or was my email recognized as spam?

Index of /~fessler/irt/irt/freemat/pre-3.6

This bug was fixed in the package freemat – 3. I found a tutorial: November 20, – 3: February 24, – 8: It is usable enough for you to start checking how it can be packaged as portable.

This app seems like it has a very specific target group. Looking forward to a portable version.

FreeMat Blog: Freemat on the horizon

Patrick, you want to win the contest, without giving other people a chance? October 17, – 6: October 17, – 5: What version are you running?


So I guess the Pre-Release won’t be released soon, even if I think it’s ready. Maybe you can answer even though a few of my questions in the main post.

For me FreeMat Portable starts up in less than 10 seconds. I can confirm this.