has decided to embark on the path of fine-tuning and developing rhNGF in its formulation for clinical use, at its own biotech facility in L’Aquila. and in Naples, where there are the laboratories of Drug Discovery and Technology Formulation, within a long-term collaboration with CNR. Italian excellence: the Dompé Hub in L’Aquila. Dompé has concentrated its manufacturing and research and development activities at its L’Aquila hub.

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Several laboratories formukation up and running at CDMO, for analytical development and quality control, making it possible to conduct the most in-depth analyses in the biotechnology field.

Projects using Artificial Intelligence techniques Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic are also under way at the facility for analysing and optimizing certain production processes. This non-stop development and implementation facility hosts two production lines dedicated to packets, three lines dedicated to sticks, one line for syrups and one line for dosed vials.

L’Aquila hub

The division works in close connection with the scientific community to make safe drugs formulatioj to patients that can meet their therapeutic needs. You are going to formualtion this site. Accessing the website you have selected you will be subject to the terms of use of this last. The safety and efficacy of Oxervate, a topical eye drop containing cenegermin, was studied in a total of patients with neurotrophic keratitis in two, eight-week, randomized controlled multi-center, double-masked studies.

At this point we move on to the second phase of packaging in boxes, wrapping and pallets. Medical Affairs also handles requests made by healthcare professionals for scientific information about the products in our portfolio.

A constantly evolving reality in which talent can thrive. Thanks to the skills encompassed by this organisation, the CDMO can offer applied answers to genetic cloning, including the expression of coded proteins, their purification and characterisation and the issuance of the GMP of the Drug Substance.

Flavio Mantelli, born in Rome inis the author of 40 international scientific publications and of numerous chapters in volumes about ophthalmology. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first drug, Oxervate cenegerminfor the treatment of neurotrophic keratitis, a rare disease affecting the cornea the clear layer that covers the colored portion of the front of the eye.

Home Research and Innovation An Italian excellence. We suggest you to update it for free by following one of the these links, choosing the browser you prefer: We suggest you to update it for free by following one of the formulaation links, choosing the browser you prefer: Click here to continue reading.


New management for the Dompé Ophthalmology Division | Dompé

Regarded as among fprmulation world’s foremost experts on corneal diseases, he was appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Temple University of Philadelphia. Reparixin is an inhibitor of CXCR1 and CXCR2 receptors activated by interleukin-8 IL-8a key chemotactic factor in the inflammatory reaction immediately following pancreatic islet transplantation in patients with type 1 diabetes. Click here to formhlation more. The packaging is divided into two phases.

The production process for granules includes an initial phase of dispensing weighing of the raw materials active ingredient and excipients. Every production activity takes origin with the beginning of the upstream phase.

Our research

Finally, the results of our clinical studies are made available on public databases, such as the website www. Home Careers Career Paths. By continuing to use this web site, you are consenting to the use of cookies. In the first case, we mention for example the activity with some clinical groups in the development of the recombinant human variant of the Nerve Growth Factor rhNGFand in the second, the study of mathematical modelling of the process of biotechnological fermentation, using artificial intelligence techniques such as neural networks and neuro-fuzzy modelling.

During the granulation phase the active ingredient and the excipients are bonded until they become granules, which, in turn, are finally coated in excipients in the complex phase of coating until the formulation defined for packaging is obtained.

The production of liquids refers to the two lines of formulation and packaging known as small and large volume. Buchi Reddy on National award to Anthony Melv…. The facility thus has the capacity to develop, transfer and validate most of the analytical fogmulation needed for issuing GMPs and characterising biomolecules.

This formulatioon is aimed at assessing the safety and the efficacy of two dose regimens of recombinant human nerve growth factor rhNGF eye drops solution compared to vehicle for inducing a complete healing of stage 2 persistent epithelial defect and 3 corneal ulcer neurotrophic keratitis. At its biotech plant, the company has specialised in the development of new processes and in the production of biotech products on an industrial scale.

The release technologies studied in this field are also applied to the treatment of dermatological pathologies the ongoing projects concern the controlled release of proteins for the treatment of wounds and the protection dpmpe topical formulations containing active ingredients that, following exposure formupation sunlight, generate toxic species.

Provide answers to unresolved health-related questions in order to meet the needs of patients worldwide. The CDMO specialises in the production of therapeutic proteins, or recombinant vaccines, for human use. In the turnover was million is focused both on the development of pharmaceuticals for therapeutic needs as yet unfulfilled, in the areas of ophthalmology, oncology, diabetes and organ transplant, as well as in the creation of innovative industrialisation processes of these.


Inthe plant established new areas for a total usable surface of 8, square metres, including a four-storey building dedicated to the production process of coated granulates, a three-storey building for secondary packaging and a new warehouse. We suggest you to update it for formulayion by following one of odmpe these links, choosing the browser you prefer: One group received Oxervate, a second group received an eye drop with a different concentration of cenegermin, and the third group received an eye drop without cenegermin.

August 23, 9: In this respect, over the last ten years, the Biotech Formulation unit has managed to formuation partnerships in the formulxtion and private domains, becoming a point of reference for transverse research projects.

Current activities are concentrated in several sectors: The plasmid is thus inserted inside the bacterium, from which the clone is generated in order to genetically produce the cell bank made up of numerous test-tubes containing numerous genetically equal bacteria in suspension.

Because of the significant innovation it introduces in the field and its potential to offer an effective response to the yet unmet need by reducing the risk of rejection in pancreatic islet transplantation an extremely rare conditionReparixin has been classified as an orphan drug by the FDA and EMA. Accessing the website you have selected you will be subject to the terms of use of this last. The protein—in this case Nerve Growth Factor, NGF —is produced using a living organism the bacterium Escherichia Coli of which the entire genome and the complex of biological interactions is known in detail.

This site uses third party cookies. This site uses third party cookies. Do you want to be redirected to the mobile version? Everything is monitored, from air quality to water quality to the pulverisation process. The fruit of its own research, these drugs are capable of acting on the inhibition of interleukin-8 IL-8a molecule responsible for both the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes and for the inflammatory reaction immediately following the transplantation of pancreatic islets, which limits the efficacy of this therapeutic approach, which is targeted to a group of patients with advanced-stage type-1 diabetes.

We suggest you to update it for free by following one of the these links, choosing the browser you prefer: