Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. I perceive in Forbidden Archeology a work of thoroughgoing scholarship and intellectual adventure. -Dr. Pierce Flynn. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground. Forbidden Archeology has ratings and 48 reviews. James said: Well, I guess controversy sells. This is a horrible book. Michael Cremo has set archaeol.

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Things like anatomically modern human bones recovered from rock strata millions of years old, and manufactured artifacts recovered from similarly ancient strata. Books by Michael A. Retrieved from ” https: Cremo takes examples of archaeological artifacts and bones that are out of “insitu” context and makes fantastic historical claims regarding these specimens. It left me wanting to creemo more which is always a good thing.

Forbidden Archeology – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. See 2 questions about Forbidden Archeology…. Further, the overall tone of the work is far superior to that exhibited in ordinary creationist literature.

The authors created a breathtakingly researched work that should but won’t be in ever public school library, so that students can research independently, and draw their own conclusions to, what they are taught as fact in science class from K through 12 and, indeed, in archaeolofy and universities everywhere.


Jun 12, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Indeed, all Cremos claims have wrchaeology addressed by the academic community, including using absolute dating methods to place these artifacts and bones, derived from “use-related secondary context”, in their proper historical context. Just amazing, what you won’t be taught at school.

Apr 27, Linda rated it it was amazing. There exists in the scientific community a knowledge filter that screens out unwelcome evidence. So far I find the book convincing mostly because of the copious cases that the author references in the text.

Scholars of mainstream archeology and paleoanthropology have described it as pseudoscience. He clearly has a religious motivation, which he acknowledges He favors a Vedic history but he keeps his religious biases out of the overt discussion in this book, unlike the works of say, creationists.

Hindu creationist whose work argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of years. The book is more than pages long. Views Read Edit View history.

Oct 02, Jai Joshi rated it it was amazing. There is a depth of information that needs time to be read and processed for those of us who are not professionals in the field.

arcjaeology If you really are into alternative science and archaeology then you may find this interesting To ask other readers questions about Forbidden Archeologyplease sign up. A bible for the alternative history buffs, and a challenge to the scientific establishment.


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Michael Cremo

Social Studies of Science. The book is very long and dense, cataloguing case after case after case of weak and anomalous forbidven. These things are reviewed and readers get to follow researchers’ and anthropologists’ arguments through the centuries.

Open Preview See a Problem? Hardcoverunabridgedpages. Scholars of the mainstream archaeological and paleoanthropological communities have described his work as pse Hindu creationist whose work argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of cermo.

However, their reading of the data is interesting and valid to a point Jul 29, Andrew Hennessey rated it it was amazing.

Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology

Feder said, “While decidedly antievolutionary in perspective, this work is not foribdden ordinary variety of antievolutionism in form, content, or style. Refresh and try again.

As I said before, this book is a commitment.