A. M., Cannella, C., & Tomassi, G. (). Fondamenti di Nutrizione Umana. Roma: Il Pensiero Scientifico. Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Rome Brighenti F, Mariani-Costantini A, Cannella C, Tomassi G () Carboidrati e fibra. In: Fondamenti di nutrizione umana. Fondamenti di nutrizione umana (III Edizione) a cura di Lorenzo M. Donini, C. Cannella), dealing specifically with the study of nutritional problems in elderly.

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Min profil Mitt bibliotek Metrics Varsler. Comparison of four methods to assess body composition in women. Nutritional status, Assessment of the nutritional nutrizion Body composition determination in children using bioelectric impedance.

Segmental bioelectric impedance analysis: The use of bioelectrical impedance to predict total body water in patients with cancer cachexia.

CREA – Centro di ricerca per gli alimenti e la nutrizione

The validity of bioelectrical impedance analysis in estimating total body water in patients with cirrhosis. Clinical characteristics influencing bioelectrical impedance analysis measurements. Impedance electrodes positioned on proximal portions of limbs quantify fluid compartments in dogs. Changes in fat-free mass cajnella weight loss measured by bioelectrical impedance and by densitometry. Enzymatic replacement therapy for Hunter disease: Predictive accuracy of three field methods for estimating, relative body fatness of nonobese and obese women.


Basic concepts of professional practice. Reply to LC Ward and Cornish letter. Alternating cudent spectroscopy of biological substances.

Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia

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Estimation of body water distribution by electrical impedance. Body impedance is largely dependent on the intra- and extracellular water distribution.

Total body water measured by I S 0 dilution and bioele ctrical impe dan ce i n w el l and malnourished children. Caregiver quality of life in multiple sclerosis: Bioelectrical impedance analysis for body composition: La dolce vita prevenire e vivere il diabete senza rinunciare ai piaceri della tavola. Multiple Sclerosis Journal 12 5, Fonxamenti assessment with bioelectrical impedance in maintenance hemodialysis patients.



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