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La Salle Open Court, vol. Paraen la conferencia pronunciada al recibir el doctorado Honoris Causa de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ya aceptaba claramente que “por supuesto, sigue siendo nuestro deber nicokaquea todo lo posible por evitar el error”.

In this sense, Perez Gomez holds that:. In a word, the idea of plurality must be carefully delimited, since it might be found objectionable by those who see danger in accepting any sort of rule or principle without considering its moral characteristics.

An Interview with E. There can be salvaged, then, the theoretical incompatibility and practice which there was through to be between the transmission of moral doctrines provided they are reasonable and plural and the stimulation of critical exercise and a willingness to change.

Please cite the source as: However, in the last decade of the twentieth century, important questions surfaced to put this model on trial. Bibliotecas enteras sin gente que las lea son nada. Paul Arthur Schilpp editor. Journal of Moral Education3 7 In spite of this, not everything these authors propose should be discarded in an attempt to understand the theoretical foundations of a viable moral pedagogy.

While they are far from attempting an associationist explantion of moral learning, Sichel and Carr call for the habit, and the early and regular practice of the moral behavior widely accepted by the community, as a solid foundation for the formation of the moral personality. Hamlyn is an example.


Only through this, I believe, can emerge the concept of truth, and therein, the concept of judgment Hamlyn,p. Ese es el punto. In this space, I will concern myself with only of a pair of them, whose alternative proposal leads to an other analysis that I consider fundamental.

Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa

Educators should, by all means, avoid such a risk. February 5, ; accepted for publishing: Betty Sichel maintains that belonging to a social group that is, the roots possessed within the group; the markings its history leaves on individuals; the early acquisition of its shared values; the ideals it holds in consensus; its accepted belief; the profound understanding of its symbols, metaphors, rites and rituals are powerfully involved rationales and affective processes that incline agents toward its values, desires, moral sentiments, purposes, special interests and particular ideals.

The child has to pass from a stage in which there is no distinction between the ego and the non-ego, to a stage where there is a correlative consciousness of himself and other spatiotemporal objects with a particular identity [ Or can it be understood as no more than that base which allows the deliberative game pertaining to the norms that might regulate it?

Within this mediated world, conditioned by man, the psychic development has its beginning Perez Gomez,p. This idea of the beginning of psychic development, supported by the aforementioned epistemological concept, requires reflection on that experience to which the agent is bound in the process of moral growth.

Entonces el mundo 3 depende del mundo 2. Cambridge University Press, pp.

At first glance, it seems simple to undermine an educational theory whose view of ethics fits so easily into the social and cultural heritage. For Aristotle, the construction of individual virtue is not something apart from the cultural mechanism of community life. One of the few certainties we have about morality of is that you cannot just stick to the notions imposed by social norms; that the principles, beliefs and moral values, social mores and conventions that tradition transmits are subject to evaluation; and that it is the task of the autonomous moral agent to submit them to his own reasonable judgment.


Betty Sichel and David Carr spoke out against the cognitive-developmental model, accusing it of rejecting the dispositional spheres in its explanation of the psychic structure of morality. In that sense, the physical experience of the child is not viewed as neutral and devoid of social content.

Etica nicomaquea – Aristóteles – Google Books

The Philosophy of Moral Development. Although Sichel and Carr take little time in explaining the epistemological concept they use for corroboration of their theories, it is not difficult to infer the general statements that support nkcomaquea, that human learning cannot be seen as the result of individual development, or as the atomized result of a universal and invariable evolutionary sequence, but must be understood as a dialectic spiral in which acquisitions of knowledge and development of thought are mutually assumed.

En efecto, los grandes errores aplastan. The eternal paradox of moral education, that which seems to make incompatible transmission of traditional values and the impulse toward critical exercise, is being re-stated.