The Erra Epos Very few people know that the recorded annihilation of the two cities south of the Dead Sea which was Sodom and Gomorrah as described in. more than the Iliad’s, are gods: Erra, god of war, his minister Ishum, and development of epic, the poem of Erra and Ishum belongs in the. 30 Erra seems confident that he will succeed in persuading Marduk to leave renderings as there are translators: F. Gossmann, Das Erra-Epos (Wurzburg.

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Erra amulet Amulet to ward off plague inscribed with a quotation from the Akkadian Erra Epic. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their epps.

The Erra Epic

This is because he is the most valliant god, no errq rises to oppose him. Ishum made ready to speak, saying to the warrior Erra these words: When the warriors reached the mountain Hehe, he raised his hand, he destroyed the mountain, He recknoned the mountain Hehe as level ground, he cut eerra the trunks of the cedar forest, The thicket looked as if the deluge had passed over, He laid waste cities and turned them into erar spaces, He obliterated mountains and slew their wild life, He convulsed the sea and destroyed its increase He brought the stillness of death upon swamp and thicket, burning like fire, He cursed the wildlife and returned to clay.

The repairs are proceeding well. Yet Ishum is the door, bolted before them. Only god Enki was against saying it was absolutely insane.

Erra (god) – Wikipedia

In the epic that is given the modern title Errathe writer Kabti-ilani-Marduk, [2] a descendant, he says, of Dabibi, presents himself [3] in a colophon following the text as simply the transcriber of a visionary dream in which Erra himself revealed the text. Views Read Edit View history. He was sitting in the E-meslam, taking up his dwelling, He thought to himself what habe been done, His heart being stung, it could give him no answer, But he asked it what it would have him do.


When Erra heard this, he made himself ready to speak, saying to noble Marduk: When Ishum heard what he said, he felt pity and said ot the warrior Erra: The control that Marduk and Nabu Marduk’s son by Earthling’s daughter of Enoch, beautiful Sarpanit so coveted, of it they are forever deprived!

Then the god withdraws to his own seat in Emeslam with the terrifying Seven, and mankind is saved. Their breath of life is death, People are too frightened to appproach it! With the squeezing in his heart, to Nergal a sign he gave: Each weapon had a different purpose and different name: O king of all inhabited lands, creator of the world. After Erra was calmed and took up his own abode, All the gods were gazing at his face, All the Igigi-gods and the Anunna-gods stood in awe, Erra made ready to speak, saying to all the gods: These are the ones who are in a fury, holding their weapons aloft, They are saying to Erra.

He arose from his dwelling, an inaccessible place, He set out for the dwelling of the Anunna-gods.

He said to him [ ] “Come now, [ ] “To destroy the lands [ why did you plot? He entered that house and stood before them. He commanded the third, “Look like a lion, let him who sees you be epoa with fear”.

After Anu had ordained destinies for all of the Seven, He gave those very ones to Errawarrior of the gods, saying: Shamash looked upon him and let his protective radiance fall Machinist and Sasson call them “personified weapons”. The king of the gods Marduk made ready to speak, saying to Errathese words. He made eera to speak, saying to the king of the gods: The Epic of the Anunnaki Book.

These are the ones who are in a fury, holding their weapons aloft, They are saying to Erra”Up, do your duty!


Their final claim no doubt the most important one, is that they are bored and out of training. Notify me of new comments via email. The gods convene to discuss the situation. Interestingly the Council of Anunnaki consisting from 12 gods voted The text appears to some readers to be a epoe of historic turmoil in Mesopotamia, though scholars disagree as to the historic events that inspired the poem: Istituto di Studi del Vicino Oriente Erra heard him [ ] Above the Place of the Celestial Chariots the second weapon he unleashed, with the erda of seven suns the plain’s rocks into a gushing wound were made.

The gods convene to discuss the situation. The king of the gods made ready to speak and said, “[ ] and went up to heaven. O Ishum, zealous slaughterer, whose hands are suited to brandish fierce weapons.

Ninurta from the skyship, his Black Divine Bird, words shouted. The king of the gods made ready to speak and said. The seventh he charged with viperous venom,” Slay whatever lives”. Erra, in a frenzy, cries for errz, and, having done enough himself, lets loose the Seven.

A propitiatory prayer ends the work. All that he has done is to perform his guard duty and now has been sent home, his services no longer required, without a campaign. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nergal and Ninurta tried to prevent Nergal’s brother, Marduk on controlling the postdiluvial Spaceport of the Annunaki in Sinai. The warrior Erra set out for Babylon, city of the king of the gods. Sections of this page.

He made ready to speak and said to Ishum: The Sibitti call on Erra to lead the destruction of mankind. Then, the first terror weapon from the skies Ninurta let loose.