Table 1 EM78PSAP, EM78PSAM and EM78PSFK Pin Description 37 EM78PS-G I-V Curve Operating at kHz max. EM78PSAP Datasheet PDF Download -, EM78PSAP data sheet. EM78PSAP datasheet, EM78PSAP datasheets and manuals electornic semiconductor part. EM78P, EM78PN, EM78PNAM, EM78PNAP .

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The most up-to-day information is available on the website http: Em78p447sap-t can be pulled-high internally by software control. One program page is words long. IOCF register is both readable and writable. The SLPC bit can be read and written. Enable the wake-up function.

Set to “1” if the result of an arithmetic or logic operation is zero. A, it is recommended that R should not be greater than 40 Eatasheet. R3F can be cleared by instruction, but cannot be set by instruction. If they cannot be kept in this range, the frequency is easily affected by noise, This specification is subject to change without prior notice. The pulse width time constant should be kept long em78p447sap-b for Vdd to reached minimum operation voltage.

The capacitor C will discharge rapidly and fully. Timing m easurements are made at 2. Dubendorfstrasse 4, Zurich, Switzerland Telephone: The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the application is with vatasheet user. The actual specifications and applied technology datasbeet be based on each confirmed order. If this pin remains at logic low, the controller will also remain in reset condition.


Thus, the subroutine entry address can be located anywhere within a page. Bit 0 C Carry flag 5. Temperature This specification is subject to change without prior notice. Refer to the section on Instruction Set.


The WDT operation to be enabled or disabled should be appropriately controlled by software after waking up. Its major function is to act as an indirect addressing pointer. The residue-voltage may datasheer below Vdd minimum, but not to zero. ELAN represents no warranty for the use of the specifications described, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited, to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes.

When one datawheet the interrupts enabled occurs, the next instruction will be fetched from address H. Set Port6 or P74 or P75 Input 2. In addition, the em7p8447sap-g set has the following features: This way, the EM78PS will reset em78o447sap-g work normally.

A power-on condition, 2. The Watchdog timer and prescaler are cleared. Disable the wake-up function. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the frequency of the RC oscillator is influenced by the supply voltage, the values of the resistor Rextthe capacitor Cextand even by the operation temperature. The oscillator is disabled oscillator is stopped, and the controller enters into SLEEP2 mode on the high-to-low transition and is enabled controller is awakened from SLEEP2 mode on low-to-high transition.


In order to maintain a stable system frequency, the values of the Cext should not be less than 20pF, and that the value of Rext should not be greater datsaheet 1 M ohm.

Without prescaler, the WDT time-out period is approximately 18 ms1 default. The specifications of the Product and its applied technology will be updated or changed time by time. Instruction period option bit. SLPC is used to control the oscillator operation. VDD to 5V R: Internal data transfer, or instruction operand holding.

This specification is subject to change without prior notice. If for some reasons, the specification of the instruction cycle is not suitable for certain applications, try modifying the instruction as follows: The ROC bit can be em78p447sap-f and written.


All the information and explanations of the Products in this website is only for your reference. The smaller the Rext in the RC oscillator, the faster its frequency will be. Bit 3 P Power down bit.

Such instruction will need one more instruction cycle.