Modem ELPRO Technologies U-D User Manual .. Alternatively, use a long integer file type to transfer the analog value as a long integer in the range. User Manual U Radio Modem ELPRO Technologies Pty Ltd, 9/12 Billabong Street, Stafford Q , Australia. Tel: +61 7 Fax: +61 7 ELPRO Technologies manufactures wireless products for All ELPRO software, application notes, brochures and manuals are free to . U Module types. D-.

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One byte of data When requested, save the file to a safe location. Please refer to CountDownTimerStart function for more detailed information. Even, odd or none parity: The response data size depends on the actual slave implementation. However, no responsibility is assumed by ICP DAS for its use, not for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties resulting from its use.

Standards bodies, such as the. Start display at page:. Units for distance are as shown below: The program must then ask the MiniOS7 to reset the watchdog timer, then stop and return to the MiniOS7 command prompt.

IXA Series User s Manual – PDF

Additional safety More information. The function cannot use an input argument and cannot return a value.

For security reasons, disabling this option will disallow all Ethernet diagnostics functions accessible to configuration software, and can only be reactivated via serial port configuration. LS range Protection for LS lighting systems. Writes one byte of data to Flash memory.


When this is omitted, the next line to the one that set most previously. Please refer to InstallCom for an example.

MW9076 Series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Serial Interface Operation Manual

Please refer to Section 2. Sets the CD measurement mode to fullauto. Uses the Ungetch function to run another program.

The MiniOS7 occupies the 0xF segment. Click on Options and select Full menus.

There are 3 wires in the download cable: Chapter 4 Configuration Enable Ethernet Debug Select this box if you wish to enable Ethernet Diagnostics on the G via configuration software see section 6. Serial Configuration – Df1 Chapter 4 Configuration When updated values are received from the U radio network, the current polling sequence is interrupted, and the new values are written immediately to the appropriate slaves.

When current waveform is not available while the waveform comparison function is On, an error occurs. Shiue Serial Communications 1 Parallel vs. If the point is an output, then the update time for the output should be made short. Chapter Three Installation On return of normal supply, the unit will recharge the battery. We are based in an area with very little lightning, why do we need surge protection?


Exceeding warning Below warning level. If the MiniOS7 was updated successfully, a Confirm action dialog box will appear. Disables the WatchDog timer. It is a little troublesome to set the path and launch the BC demo project, We can make a batch file as below for demo program, path d: The software driver provides the same interface for all four COM Ports, so each port can be used in the same way without any difficulty.

ELPRO Technologies 905U-G User Manual

A response message will contain h, and may contain error information as detailed in the table below. Uses the file index to get the file name. MA15 range The MA15 range of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the….

Save the file by selecting Save from the Manuzl menu, and then enter the file name Hello.

Eaton MTL » Controlling, operating and protecting assets in harsh and hazardous areas

Page U-G Wireless Gateway User Manual may be present in the system, allowing different users to access different files and directories. This port consists of a shared, single wire asynchronous link.

Type the ver command to check the MiniOS7 version number.