Householder’s Guide” and the Borough Council’s own leaflet ‘A The planning application must comprise: 4 copies of the application forms,. 4 copies of the. Walton – Could we be Elmbridge Borough Council’s first BUSINESS Supporting Walton Cricket Club’s Walton Watchdog initiative, an online system enabling. WoTTA, with the support and funding of Elmbridge Borough Council, have plan for the town, with wide support from business, we can apply for funding and.

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The police are keen to encourage people to report crimes as without this data they cannot support a call for more resources. Andy New, Senior Environmental Enforcement Officer for Elmbridge Borough Council discussed littering offenses in the town and the fact that on-the-spot fines could not be handed out to minors those under If and when the survey goes live, as many people as possible need to fill it in!

We have come back with lots of new ideas to support our business plan over the next 12 months. Ashley Park Everyone agreed there should be more litter bins in housijg park.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Check out this great report by the Hersham Hub on recently published crime figures for Elmbridge: Then it will be put out for public comment. Here’s a report from Walton Society about the results of the boroough CCTV is only good if the offender can be identified and the police have been working with local schools on this. No one in the meeting – police, residents or businesses – wants this to be the story for Walton. Drewitt’s Court In coundil year since our last ASB tour nothing has been done in this car park and unacceptable behaviour continues, with items being thrown off the car park, people sitting on the dangerously low ledge etc.


Crimes should be reported on or online via: We are actively looking into this. The question of Park Patrol officers was also raised, with the suggestion that a uniformed dog handler was also a good deterrent especially since a fair amount of our issues occur in parks. The visit generated lots of new ideas that can build on the work the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance has been doing with the Council to improve the streetscene, offer 3 hours of free parking every Saturdayclean up the town with regular litter picks and support businesses with funding for shop fronts and marketing projects.

After a three hour discussion and walk about the town, it was concluded that it is necessary to get a body of evidence together to ensure action will borougj taken at the council and police level. Crime Meeting – 10th May.

Rent a home

However, they said that this meeting had el,bridge highlight the problem in Walton and that were looking at reassigning some of those officers to be more visible in Walton, especially during the weekends when issues escalate.

Details of local authorities are listed below. The results of the meeting were: Skip to main content Sign In Request an online account. At present an incident needs to be reported to the police and the vorm separately.


Litter wardens would patrol at the same time periods as above – as well as additional focus on Sandy Way, Ashley Park Avenue outside Homebase and Churchfield Road during the daytime – giving housinf on the spot fines where possible. Representatives from Walton met with counterparts in Oxted to share ideas for events, town improvements, safety and developing a long-term vision for Walton.

Town Development

Request an online account. Take the Walton Qui z if you’re interested in finding out more! And we’d all like to make sure it stays that way. Part of the process for implementing a PSPO requires public consultation on the proposed coucil and requirements.

If they can ID people they follow up with parents. The police confirmed young people being elmbridye are from all secondary schools in the area.

And please feel free to send us your comments on ASB in Walton. That got us thinking All application events in Walton. Most people who live in the UK are eligible to be housed.

Working individually and then in groups we brainstormed ideas and key words which we felt reflected our vision of the future for our town. Attendees made it clear perception in Walton is that there is no police presence in the town and limited reaction to reporting of crimes and, applicahion, no consequences.