The Deal Or No Deal presenter has warned of mankind’s greatest danger, but it’s OK as ‘there isn’t such a thing as death’. Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is planned at schools. The term electromagnetic smog refers to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment and the resulting permanent exposure of people and.

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Further, the effects ofand MHz were tested on the brain. Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment.

Dangers of Wifi: for man and environment –

Does electromagnetic hypersensitivity originate from nocebo responses? Ann N Y Acad Sci. Support Center Support Center.

Cellphone safety and testing. While a placebo or nocebo effect might be expected to bias our PRO data, follow-up reports have indicated a durable response over many months. The only ehvironment natural source of microwave electromagnetic radiation is the negligibly weak cosmic radiation from space, although significant sources of natural radiation have existed at lower radio frequencies due to atmospheric phenomena such as the aurora borealis and thunderstorms.

Prevent Cancer Now ยป Electrosmog and our health

Immunostimulation in the era of the metagenome. Li, Ying, et al. Effect of extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation of low intensity on parameters of humoral immunity in healthy mice.


In duplicating earlier research, Salford also found that cell phone microwaves produce holes in the barrier between the circulatory system and the brain in rats. For ionizing, one can choose dose units of Rad, Grey, Roentgen, Rem, Sieverts and the common dps disintegrations per second, often metered as counts per minute.

Indications from a qualitative electrossmog. Any WiFi or cordless phones you have in your home will become a beacon of harmony because they are supplied with the harmonious electricity. This can disrupt both solar and magnetic navigation, which can account for colony collapse disorder in bees. The mobile products by Swiss Harmony BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet, and the BioPatch harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic resonance field information on the the energy system in the body.

Electrosmog: the environmental threat that Noel Edmonds wants to save us from

In connection with mobile phone radiation, they are extensively studied in international research efforts. Gegear, and Steven M. Additionally, Dieudonne [ 24 ] has questioned the likelihood of nocebo causation in EHS. The online version of this article doi: Aggressiveness and lack of concentration were the result! A total of 64 patients took environmdnt in this case series, with a variety of immune diagnoses including arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, sjogrens and celiac.

Electrosmog and our health

Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease. Marshall 1 and Trudy J. Dad and the Dandelions. He feels that governments should increase their funding into wireless technologies and its biological effects.


Please review our privacy policy. Oschman, James and Nora Oschman. Until the s, Electrosmog frequencies remained out of the microwave region, but by the s television channels began microwave transmissions. Journal of Experimental Biology, vol.

There is no lack into investigations and tue on the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Of course it would. Radiation from wireless signals and cell phones is harmful Dr. After consultation, and some initial data gathering with electromagnetic level meters, we decided to suggest that these slow responders might be wise to take steps to protect themselves from Electrosmog.

There is no need to go into detail to understand the action of Electrosmog on human proteins. In addition, for investigations involving human subjects, informed consent ln been obtained from the participants involved.

A X20 micrograph of a microwave-blocking fabric woven with a mesh of silver-coated polyester strands among the supporting bamboo fibers. Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford, chairman of the department of neurosurgery at Lund University, has found that cell phone radiation kills brain cells in rats, especially those cells associated with memory and learning.