Title, El último elfo. Author, Silvana De Mari. Publisher, Carvajal Education, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. The Last Dragon is a children’s fantasy novel by Silvana De Mari, first published in Italy in under the title L’ultimo elfo. Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Silvana De Mari was born in in Caserta, Italy. She is a writer, psychotherapist, and doctor. L’ultimo Elfo (The Last Elf, also published as The Last Dragon) was her third children’s book and the first to be translated into English. It has also.

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Infine, chiudo questo breve articolo con un atto doveroso, qualcosa che tenta di uscire da dentro e andare fuori. Yorsh and his companions are darlings, and you want to see how they fare in their quest to improve their world. I liked the elf characters, Yorsh.

The romance that was intended to be placed in the second half of the book I found to be silly silvaba cheesy.

L’ultimo elfo

But at what cost? Relationships did not seem to be grown, they simply were not there one moment then there the next. The second part of the story takes place thirteen years later; the dragon dies leaving him with an egg. Un misto di soddisfazione e pace interiore insomma. Ebrow, the dragon, is majestic, self-centered, and absolutely wonderful.


Erbrow is one dragon that I would have loved to meet.

El último elfo by Silvana de Mari (4 star ratings)

Some connections I could make to the world we live in today are that every once in a while we get cold and it rains but its ultmio an ever ending rain like it is in the book.

Overall disappointing read silvwna the wonderfully built up beginning. When the young dragon hatches, Yorsh cares for it, even teaching it to fly.

Being a human, I understand everything that was being talked about, but it still got on my nerves. A mio modestissimo parere, libro tremendamente artificioso.

This book strikes a delicate balance between pathos and humor.

The narrative given to how the rains stop at the end of the child arc is just kind of. A new dragon is born! Un percorso di formazione, se vogliamo, che fa pian piano maturare il piccolo elfo e i due umani che lo accompagnano.

The majority of this book was very good, once you get lutimo the begging and let yourself be carried by the story. The story consists of both some pr There are only like about three books that have ever made me cry at some point throughout the story. Attention elf and dragon lovers! Full of great tenderness and humor, this magical journey tells the story of a world plagued by intolerance and wickedness, and the elf and the dragon who will fight for its redemption and bring it back into the light.


This has to be my favorite book of all time. He immediately recognizes himself as the last elf, and knows he must find the last dragon.

Allerdings kann ich immer noch nicht genau beschreiben warum. Yorsh’s disdain for what he perceives as human lack of intelligence is juxtaposed with his own naivete, leading to misunderstandings that while intended to be funny, could ulrimo grating if the book relied on them exclusively for its humor.

Oct 08, Maria Clara rated it really liked it.

But soon Yorsh discovers he is part of a powerful prophecy to save the world from the Dark Age that has begun. Not everybody will like this book, but it sincerely changed my life. Some people reviewed this book as one for elementary school children, but I really believe there is a level of understanding that one “born lately” as it were would skip over entirely. Yorsh’s ideas about humans, humans’ ideas about elves, and everyone’s ideas about dragons turn out to be extremely off-base.

Slfo stars for the possibilities presented. Nov 03, Book. Ich war genervt und gelangweilt.