The Monster of Florence is the name commonly used by the media in Italy for a series of eight . The book The Monster of Florence: A True Story by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi casts doubts on the culpability of Pacciani as Il Mostro. El monstruo de Florencia: una historia real by Douglas J. Preston; Mario Spezi at – ISBN – ISBN Libros de segunda mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Terror, Misterio y PolicĂ­aco: El monstruo de florencia douglas preston con mario spezi.

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Things got even more ridiculous in the second half of the book, where extremely unreliable witnesses and crackpot ppreston involving some satanic conspiracy are bandied about. I am stunned by how much I thoroughly e, this book. Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle; the loss of his two fr Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, inand grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley.

Preston spends a final chapter detailing the corresponding atrocities in both cases The Monster case and the Knox case which makes us realize quite vividly that Amanda Knox chose the wrong Italian city within which to reside. Mario Spezi is an Italian journalist who followed the case from the beginning, sometimes working with police and often getting ahead of them. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Italian.

Lists with This Book. What made the work less interesting to me, however, was the necessary focus on the ineptitude of the Italian police, prosecutor and judge. To research the book, Preston and a friend retraced on horseback 1, miles of Coronado’s route across Arizona and New Mexico, packing their supplies and sleeping under the stars–nearly killing themselves in the process.

Published June 10th by Grand Central Publishing first published Douglas Preston who normally writes mystery and suspense type books and his family travel to Florence because he’s ready to write a mystery based on a missing Renaissance painting and by the way, the outline of that book sounds pretty good. At the forefront of it all is, amazingly, a blogger whose insane conspiracy theorist ramblings are taken as gospel in the legal pleadings and arguments, the prosecutor quoted her verbatim.


Instead of satisfaction and closure, it ends with a note of quiet resignation. He became trapped in his own thriller. I’m a bit behind on my thoughts on what I’ve read so am going to give this a quick get-go. This book does what all good true crime books should do: Once there he decided to write a non-fiction book about the monster in collaboration with Mario Spezi, a journalist who had been writing about the subject for years.

Critics suggest that the real killer or killers have never been identified. That fact that the book relates a true story hits home when the drama becomes more personal. Il Mostro di Firenze is the name commonly used by the media in Italy for a series of eight double murder cases that took place between and [1] in the province of Florence. You must provide copyright attribution in pdeston edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the florecnia of your translation.

Preston brings his family to Italy to eouglas a lifetime dream and write a new fiction novel. The Monster of Florence, the man, ppreston the book, was a partial inspiration for parts of Hannibal by Thomas Harris. The killer, and his hold on the city, makes for an interesting book in and of itself. As Preston notes, the surreal case built against them feels very much like something out of Kafka’s The Trialbut it has the added horror of really happening.

It has been speculated that 1 in 3 people in Florence was conceived in the backseat of a car in the Florentine Hills.

But the second portion of the book, when justice became the plaything of idiots and publicity-seekers, absolutely incensed me. I won’t indulge in a spoiler, but will just say that their logic is impressive and has me convinced. It wasn’t until I saw this book at the used book story, one of my favorite places! They are a bomb building inside, and given the right circumstances, the fuse could be lit. He did a very convincing Italian accent, and at d half of the book was quoting Italian people, so he had a chance to use it quite a bit.


People who were merely suspected of not having an alibi or resembling a possible sketch of the Monster were harassed, and at least one suspect committed doglas to escape the pressure. David Rice This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Doug and Spezi mentioned in the book who the killer probably is, even asking the killer to show them the knife he used. Dec 24, Barbara rated it really liked it.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The Stranger Beside MeHelter Skelter they often just end up being a recitation of the facts without much more going for them. If one were to hear the tale of the Monster of Florence without being first told that it was a true story, it would seem to have all of the elements of a work of fiction.

The Monster of Florence

InDouglas Preston fulfilled a dream to move his family to Italy. What was he supposed to do. A first-person account of an odd few years?

I also learned that the Italian police and investigators do not require the same types of evidence that we do to obtain warrants or to interrogate people. They walk into night clubs, movie theaters, malls, schools, or churches and kill whoever happens to be there. By monstrjo this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This book details the investigation into a series of murders that began in and finally ended in I guess she was. In AugustDouglas Preston moved his family to Florence; he intended to write a murder mystery. Spezi emerges as the hero of the moment as he single-handedly demolishes the corrupt judge’s “case” in court.

In fact the judges actually closed the investigation on the most likely suspects, forcing police to look elsewhere.