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But I still enjoyed it, even if I didn’t get Dostoevsky’s underlying purpose a lot of the time. Meeting the three beautiful daughters of the general, and his volatile ve scary wife, Lizaveta.

Falling in love with the youngest, prettiest daughter Aglaia, she’s 20, very immature, has crushes on every handsome suitor she’s introduced to.

They discuss mechanics and perspectives and symbols. I read half the book in audiobook format, and the remaining in print on Kindle. By and large, the characters are well drawn, and if many of them are either unsympathetic or a tad capricious, so be it. It was first published serially in the journal The Russian Messenger in —9.

Nevertheless, it’s D so I forced myself to read most of it. While on the train to Russia, he meets and befriends a man of dubious character called Rogozhin.

It is not so much that he doesn’t notice or can’t defend the harm done to himself but rather he prefers to suffer himself rather than bring on others – even if others are sinister in their ways.

About loving against reason.

El Idiota : Fiodor Dostoievski :

Dostoyevsky returned to St. Odiota got into a fight twice within novel, and both times it was to defend someone. As Dostoyevsky explores his various themes tedium can set in at times. The idiot here has a similar effect on Russian society. Like Myshkin himself, the novel’s intent is nearly perfect, but the execution is just a little off, a little unstable. And it’s all classical Dostoiievski drama and intrigue, which is to say it’s full of passion, obsession, sudden mood swings, tantrums and hysterical fits.


It not only shows and represents true human complexity, but it births itboth in the inner workings of its passionate characters, and in the overall story.

They suffer acute changes of dosgoievski and opinion, veering from emotion to emotion too quickly for the reader to even keep up. Dostokevski primary basis for the lead female in this book, “Natasha Filippovna,” was Polina Suslova with whom Fee-Yo had a relationship while his first wife was sick with consumption.

He moved on hastily, as though anxious to get out of the house. She was so conflicted with regard to her feelings about the prince and loved him in spite of herself. Apparently this was serialised and Dostoevsky was under great duress when he wrote it.

El idiota / The Idiot by Fiodor M. Dostoievski | : Books

Some might call it Christian meekness. Was he busying himself in improving the world? Since when is cluelessness a virtue? The light and the dark A young Man in his mid twenties by the name of Prince Myshkin returns to Moscow after spending time in a Swiss Clinic for treatment.

Pat Turman Depends on what you mean by interesting. I’m sure I’m not the only reader who felt cheated there. Feb 06, Katie rated it it was amazing. If you for one second step out idioota that thought pattern, you can also call his change of mind hypocrisy, or opportunism, or fear of conflict, or flattery. His social ineptitude, his lack of imagination, his literal-mindedness, his prejudices – all of that might be fitting the time and place where he lives, but it is not objectively good.

El idiota / The Idiot

And can an honest man survive in society – to be precise, Russian society in the 19th century. Let me, for example, open the book to page a random choice–and list every instance on both pages where the character staging is electrified.

Don Quixote is generous and open-minded. I was both taken by and frustrated with Prince Myshkin. The only thing I dislike about Dostoyevsky and the one reason why I’m not giving The Idiot five stars is his tendency to go off on tangents just when something exciting is about to happen.


To me, this was Dostoevsky’s sad, but hopeful parabolic answer. In The Idiotthat good man is Prince Lyov Nikolayevitch Myshkin, who has spent most of his life in a Swiss hospital because of his epileptic fits, and now returns to the country of his youth. What is the difference between simplicity and being an idiot?

It can be baggy, chaotic, digressive but the best bits are simply brilliant and overall I found it a tremendously edifying read. I started reading this novel last year. The Idiot is epic.

Open Preview See a Problem? He was arrested in and sentenced to death, commuted to imprisonment in Siberia. He seals her fate when he remains completely passive in the showdown between her and arrogant, impertinent Aglaia, and then creates an atmosphere of self-sacrifice during the wedding preparations: War and Peace I really enjoyed as the plot and the characterisation was excellent and the book was so readable and interesting, while The Idiot is readable and is well written in places it does tend to be on the dry side and I found myself bored in many chapters and confused in others.

I mostly disliked him, but I grew to like him more towards the end. Immutable, transcendent ideas about which Russian writers always grapple. I got robbed, man. In Dostoyevsky married Maria Isaev, a year old widow. Dostoevsky is able to use Prince Myshkin’s spiritual intelligence and Rogozhin’s passion to illuminate the main problems and idocyncrasies dosttoievski Russian society. The result, according to philosopher A.