The general goal of this research is to develop a construction performance diagnostic approach capable of assisting in identifying likely Firstly, the construction industry is fragmented (Flood et al. El-Choum, M. (). Abdallah Elchoum Construction in Staten Island, NY specializes in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home builders, and. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Abdallah Elchoum Construction at 46 Richard Ln, Staten Island, NY. Search for other General Contractors.

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CPM is relatively limited. A knowledge base as to what the causes could be for time delays for different types of activities was established by using a questionnaire survey and performing statistical tests on the survey data.

KOSTENUEBERSCHREITUNGEN (cost overruns): Topics by

Navon also argued that the reasons for performance deviation can be schematically divided into two groups a unrealistic target setting i. Then, in order to conduct a regression analysis, a functional relationship e. Sheryl Staub-French, and Dr. The project officer, who was assigned to monitor the work, immediately reported the attempted bribe to authorities. As used herein, statistical analysis only refers to the calculation of mean, standard deviation, and correlation values plus significance tests, but does not include statistical regression analysis which will be discussed later.

A proposed strategy against cost overruns in the space sector: Another observation is that, independent of the performance measures studied, almost all of the reviewed research in this category was carried out at the definition of the project level, i.

AMA, which is based on the north shore of Staten Island, had filed a total of 13 permits to perform structural changes and new installations in the city, according to the DOB. An index function is then applied to aggregate these subjective values to obtain the importance index value for each factor.


Personal experience—based knowledge could be captured through allowing the user to hypothesize causal factors to explain the time and cost variances observed, but no supporting evidence could be searched out to prove or disprove such hypotheses in the system.

There is no limitation on the project types and activities that the system can be applied to. In some articles, two or more performance measures were studied simultaneously e. Gtm Home Improvement Corp. Flex Walls- create t shape walls of sheet rock and make two rooms.

Viewed in light of the distinct characteristics of the construction industry discussed in Chapter 1, the generality or applicability of membership functions to all projects is very debatable. But conshruction of nuclear energy say it’s the ultimate environmental solution to increasing energy needs and the escalating price of other energy sources Vitello, C.

Such models may be useful in providing the benchmarks required for project control and reminding people in advance what critical factors should be given priority attention in order to prevent actual performance deviation from occurring. For example, under certain conditions, productivity may be influenced by the resource usage level.

Abdallah Elchoum Construction

National Security and International Affairs Div Elchoum has a chance of getting cleared. Two types of casual models quantitative and experience-basedwhich play different roles in performance reasoning, are discussed im by emphasizing the differences between rule-based and model-based knowledge representing and reasoning. It offers the diagnostic approach a rational foundation for assessing variances and identifying probable causal factors that occur during the construction phase and contribute el-chpum the variances.

Herein, quantitative causal model refers to a basic causal equation e.

Recalling the previous discussion on semantic networks or cause-effect diagrams, the integration of multiple quantitative causal models can be conceptually and readily expressed in the form of such a network diagram El-xhoum 3. This will facilitate an approach for digging out as complete a set of causes for project performance as possible along with supporting data.


But from the perspective of performance diagnosis, it is noted that these tools have some limitation, e. With respect to the causal modeling framework adopted in this thesis, the effect factor in turn maps one-on-one to the lowest level causal variable i. Further, from the performance diagnosis perspective knowing only the value constructino sub deviations or variances is far constguction sufficient.

Receipt of text is not a condition of purchase. Benchmarking of project planning and success in selected industries. Sometimes, independent variables are not truly so, and the relationship may be in the form of an experience-based causal relationship. There is no appetite for collecting more data ep-choum it can be demonstrated that the incremental value in doing so far exceeds the cost of collecting it.

Users cannot flexibly express and modify their own experience-based performance diagnostic knowledge in the system. Currently, mainstream construction planning and control tools e. The primary review findings are summarized as follows. This means that even for an el-coum in a very detailed as-planned schedule, it still might represent several tasks.

Staten Island Contractor Accused of Bribing School Officials to Speed Up Payments

For instance, total cost deviation can be decomposed into the deviations associated with labor cost, equipment cost, overheads, etc. Do the workers possess the necessary motivation? The topic of possible cause-effect relationships among the critical factors is rarely discussed in detail.