These sometimes harrowing, frequently funny, and always riveting stories about food and eating under extreme conditions feature the diverse voices of journalist . Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar: Technically, the author of the title piece didn’t sample the mud crabs pulled from the trench where she and. Get the Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free.

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These sometimes harrowing, frequently funny, and always riveting stories about food and eating under extreme conditions feature the diverse voices of journalists who have reported from dangerous conflict zones around the world during the past twenty years. Lists with This Book. Often the authors note that they could never share the information from this book in their newspaper or magazine. un

North Korean propaganda often describes Kim as sharing the suffering of his people and living as they do. Book ratings by Goodreads. Kim loved shark’s fin, a delicacy across Asia, and poshintang, a dog-meat soup that Koreans believe strengthens immunity and virility. Books by Matt Mcallester. Afghanistan Jon Lee Anderson Sugarland: There were two moments in two distinct essays that upset me – a non-Haitian journalist writing on Haiti called Africa a country; a British journalist writing on Afghanistan described people “jabbering” in Pashto – and the essay on Ariel Sharon was so fatphobic and disgusting as to completely undermine the legitimate political point the author was trying to make about illegal land grabs on the West Bank.

Meals put war on hold, even if the guns are still firing outside. The food rituals become a vehicle for tales of greed and pettiness, but also friendship and human dignity. For the long winters without access to fresh vegetables, the North Korean diet relies heavily on kimchi, the spicy preserved cabbage that accompanies every meal. Sennott Biographies Acknowledgments Index. The Queen of Fats Susan Allport. Want to Read saving…. North Koreans are also instructed that they should eat only foods distributed by the government’s public distribution system and that it is “anti-socialist” to buy or sell staples like rice and corn on the market.


A compelling and highly worthwhile read. This memorable collection, introduced and edited by Matt McAllester, is seasoned by tragedy and violence, spiced with humor and good will, and fortified, in McAllester’s words, with ‘a little more humanity than we can usually slip into our newspapers and magazine stories.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Fujimoto worked for Kim untilwhen he defected back to Japan, escaping on the pretext of making a shopping run to pick up uni, or sea urchin, to make a dish they’d seen on one of the videos. California Studies in Food and Culture He is the author of Bittersweet: The authors share the realities of MREs, the eating habits of famous and infamous political figures, and the struggle of surviving for weeks on burned rice and filthy water.

He took food seriously and owned a collection of several thousand cookbooks. The Philosophy of Food David M. Sep 11, Huang rated it really liked it.

Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar – latimes

It’s impossible to calculate what percentage of the total food budget for twenty-two million people is squandered on this one person and his coterie of family and friends. He makes frequent appearances on television, usually wearing aviator shades and a bandana to disguise his identity.

I suspect the information I have learned in this collection will stay with me for quite a while. I liked the thematic groupings of “Survival Rations,” “Insistent Hosts,” “Food Under Fire,” and “Breaking Bread,” though some essays seemed like they belonged under headings different than the ones assigned. Refresh and try again. Your review will post soon.

And a young, inexperienced female journalist shares mud crab in a foxhole with an equally young Hamid Karzai.

Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar

Matt McAllester is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a contributing editor at Details magazine. As usually plagues any collection of short pieces, some essays are much more engaging than others, but the good ones are really, really good. Fujimoto regaled his patron with anecdotes from Japan’s great kitchens and markets, especially Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, where Fujimoto had spent six months learning how to fillet fish.


This compilation of food-centric stories from foreign correspondents around the world will put you at the table with well-fed dignitaries and on mountainsides in Afghanistan with soldiers digging through their MREs meals ready to eat. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Jinny Koh rated it really liked it Jan 07, Asking someone to “break bread” with you also shows closeness but without breaking the ethical rules.

Looking for beautiful books? Fujimoto ingratiated himself with Kim through his superior knowledge of food.

The book share some funny,shocking stories about food in war zones or conflict aeting, usually known as the hot zones. A wonderfully engrossing assortment of stories of war, horror, humor and food. His palate was so sensitive that he could detect if the kitchen added a few grams too much sugar to the sushi rice.

Farnaz Fassihi and Joshua Hammer really made me feel what it must be like to be a foreign correspondent. Through describing the local favorite foods she tells the colorful story of their culture, political history and post-earthquake living conditions. Indeed, Fujimoto gained some credibility by correctly picking out Jong Un, whom he’d met as a child, as the likely successor.

Jan 17, Katie rated it it was amazing. Bosnia Janine di Giovanni Miraculous Harvests: As an Italian I could not refrain from objecting, and three days later fresh from Italy a shipment of Barolo arrived.