Alberto Manguel visits a Dublin that is haunted by the ghosts of modern literature. Vila-Matas Plots His Own Awakening in The Illogic of Kassel. The Triumphant Humiliation of Enrique Vila-Matas. . Anne McLean, Dublinesca, Reino Unido. Enrique Vila-Matas (born March 31, in Barcelona) is a Spanish novelist. He is the author In he has returned once more to the novel with Dublinesca, a book that deals with a publisher in crisis, as the author explains: ‘He was a.

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The Wall Street Journal. Cynical, funny, and often puzzling.

Enrique Vila-Matas – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

In a dream similar to Larkin’s he’s inspired to visit Dublin with friends to hold a funeral on Bloomsday for the Gutenberg age in Glasnevin Cemetery where Paddy Dignam was buried in Chapter 6 of Ulysses. Actually, no, I hadn’t. Paolo Di Stefanosec. I would rather read another Javier Marias book. Vila-Matas lives entirely inside a vacuous, nearly empty world of literary anecdotes and histories, with no texture, nothing sharp or fascinating or intrusive.

We laughed together very much.

Fantastic introduction to his work. James Joyce ve Ulysses: London, December 7, Andrea Bajanisec. In his room in Lyon, over the course of endless hours dbulinesca locked away, he devoted himself to a theory of the novel that, based on the lessons apparent to him the moment he opened The Opposing Shoreestablished five elements he considered essential for the novel of the future.


No spoiler to say, not much happens. In fact, Vila-Matas cites Ulysses at such length and with such frequency that Dublinesque becomes an elaborate duglinesca to Joyce’s book interspersed with nods to Samuel Beckett, Philip Larkin and many other famous literary names.

Without asking you who you were Bob Dylan: In library of Hangzhou, Le petit train Richard Hawley: He is the author of several award-winning books that mix different genres like meta-fiction and have been translated into thirty languages.

But let’s say that I stop worrying about all that, and let the author have the literary world of his choosing.

In he won the Elsa Morante literary prize in the category Scrittori del Mondo, which each year honours a great foreign writer. I carry a very special sentiment for Dublin inside my heart. He has a dream about Dublin and immediately associates it with the literary Dublin of Beckett and Joyce, as well as a swarm of other Irish writers. Ten Books for September.



The Shandy secret society. Vila-Matas has created a masterpiece”. Riba has never been to Dublin, but he once dreamt that he was sitting outside a Dublin pub, crying because he had started to drink again. He mentions numerous authors he has read and admired, not just name-dropping, but thematically worked in so they contribute and clarify what he matzs saying.

Rain Taxivolume 20, Number 3.

Fall ‘s best Latin American novels. Marcello Foissec. To list the themes would require repeating most of the book: May I have become increasingly enamored with Enrique Vila-Matas He’s attractive, but it’s clear he’s mentally disturbed, a solitary man completely disconnected from an indifferent world.

And, above all, what’s even harder: We see life as Spider experiences it, through the filter of the miserable mental framework of this young man with the strange suitcase and dublibesca notebook of microscopic handwriting. Harvill Secker Never any end to Paris Trad. Anne McLean, Anna Milsom.