Diet for a Small Planet has ratings and reviews. Carmen said: This book ruined my childhood. This book made my mom put soy grits in spaghetti s. The book that started a revolution in the way Americans eat The extraordinary book that taught America the social and personal significance of a new. A Plowboy Interview with Frances Moore Lappe – fighting the world hunger myths .

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Nov 14, Oksana Oriekhova rated it liked it.

Frances Moore Lappe: Diet for a Small Planet

This is the little book that started me on my way to becoming vegan back in the 70s. I found it to be probably the most comprehensive book about food politics that I’ve read. For the vegan, you will probably lament the lack of animal rights consciousness in this book. In Nicaragua—which is genuinely attempting to redistribute land and wealth—coffee export income is used for basic development.

The breakdown, for those who haven’t been as fortunate as me to have been previously exposed, goes something like this: I found out that over half of the food harvested in our country is used to feed livestock, and that only a tiny fraction of that energy and protein value gets returned to us in the form of meat.

From China, for example, we can discover how the redistribution of control over farmland—giving management to the villages under lqppe system which allows everyone who works to have a say in how the resulting profits are used—has greatly reduced hunger in one of the world’s most densely populated countries.

But once again, it’s essential that we not oversimplify. I’ve been a vegetarian ever-since. Wonder if they’ve changed them over the years.


Mar 02, Stacy Ho rated it really liked it Shelves: And on page So, what inspired her lalpe Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. The first edition, published by Ballantinewas sponsored by the Friends of the Earth organization. God I was such a loser moron head when I was a kid. That said, the recipes are probably still a good resource for people looking to eliminate meat from their diets.

Instead, she focuses on protein complementarity, the technique of melding vegetable sources with incomplete amino acids into full proteins for example, corn and legume beans; milk and peanuts. What other steps do you recommend that an individual take? It took me a long time to realize that taking risks could be part of dift joyful living, but I know now that lappe certainly can.

The concepts of economic and political democracy are inseparable.

Consider just one recently created food, a pie filling that’s made by liquefying whole fruit, lape sugar into it, and then re-forming it into perfectly shaped little berries snall what have you!

Later she died tragically of an unspecified genetic cancer. Mar 09, Ben Williams rated it it was amazing. Now, America gets one-half to two-thirds of its winter vegetables from Mexico.

This book should be noted for its influence on current public knowledge on how protein comes from the majority of foods and not just animal products.

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To eat the typical American diet is to participate in the biggest experiment in human nutrition ever conducted. This just seemed to go against the updated portions of the book as it pretty much made a case for keeping cows on mass farms even though she stated earlier it was a waste of resources.

Anna Lappe has followed in her mother’s footsteps. This ju Admittedly not what I was expecting. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.


If You Think Eating Is A Political Act, Say Thanks To Frances Moore Lappe

Review on that forthcoming. It encouraged people to look more deeply, to see that food contains a hell of a lot more than the obvious elements one normally is exposed to. This book is very informative, especially about how to eat meatless meals, yet get all the protein you need. And my whole life took on new meaning.

Diet for a Small Planet | Small Planet Institute

Oct lapep, Carolyn Fagan rated it liked it. And, of course, the whole scandalous story of American firms pushing infant baby formula to poor people in the Third World—which has led to the malnourishment and death of millions of infants—is another example of our emphasis on processed food exports. Barnard Rynn Berry T. But being a woman has also been smakl great advantage, because it allowed me to keep from being locked into society’s expectations and institutions and enabled me to stand outside, ask the unorthodox questions, and uncover some of the central myths of the hunger issue.

So what resonated with me was the theme that America’s devotion to excess protein has severe adverse implications not just for how the rest of the world eats but also on much broader duet such as food security, international trade and balance of payments.

I, on the other plaet, spent a lot of time just “following my nose”, reading on my own. I can’t imagine anyone’s disagreeing that there is great injustice in the manner in which food and power are shared in the world.