For example, using a dose of dienogest 2 mg daily, the reduction of endometriosis-related pain was significant; however, in 95% of cases spotting was reported. A mouse model of endometriosis shows that dienogest reduces lesion size better than duphaston and Esmya, although all three were effective. Safety and tolerability of dienogest in endometriosis: pooled analysis from the European clinical study program Thomas Strowitzki,1 Thomas.

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Dienogest Treatment Reduces Endometriosis Lesions Better than Duphaston or Esmya, Mouse Study Shows

The clinical importance of dienogest. The painful symptoms and impairment in quality of life associated with endometriosis may persist or deteriorate in the absence of effective treatment.

GnRH agonists are an established therapy for endometriosis that can be administered via either intramuscular, subcutaneous, or intranasal routes. Duphaston also increased levels of cell endomerriosis markers.

This favorable profile of dienogest 2 mg is combined with an efficacy equivalent to the highest current treatment standards and offers a progressive improvement in pain during continued use. Body weight increased slightly over time in dienogst treatment groups including the placebo group during treatment for up to 24 weeks. Breast examination The breasts were examined at minimum by palpation at screening and at the end of treatment in all studies. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are frequently used by women with endometriosis in an attempt to achieve analgesia, although clinical trial evidence to support the efficacy of these agents in endometriosis is lacking.

After 9—12 months, bleeding was normal in Predictable changes in bleeding pattern, especially at the beginning of dienogest treatment, require adequate counseling to ensure compliance.

Laboratory measures of bone mineral metabolism and lumbar spine bone mineral density BMD were assessed at baseline and at the end of treatment in a patient subgroup from the active comparator-controlled trial, as previously reported. J Obstet Gynaecol Res. You can learn about what data of yours we retain, how it is processed, who it is shared with and your right to have your data deleted by reading our Privacy Policy. Womens Health Lond Engl ; 6 1: Long-term use of dienogest for the treatment of endometriosis.

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Dienogest in long-term treatment of endometriosis

At the end of treatment the mean score for all patients was Boxplots were drawn using first and third quartiles as the bottom and top of the boxes, respectively; medians were indicated by horizontal lines. Following cessation of dienogest endomertiosis, menses returned to normal.

Pharmacologically, dienogest combines the advantages of the norprogestin and the progesterone derivative classes. Reprinted in part from Strowitzki T et al, 54 with permission from Elsevier. The intensity of AEs was categorized as mild, moderate, or severe.

Dienogest Better to Treat Endometriosis than Esmya, Duphaston, Study Says

Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Esmya has been used to treat uterine fibroidsdiwnogest its effectiveness as an endometriosis therapy is unknown. Treatment continued for up to 52 weeks. This review article describes the clinical trial evidence that characterizes the efficacy and safety of dienogest in endometriosis, including two studies characterizing dienogest in long-term use.

As with the contraceptive pill, vomiting and diarrhoea can reduce the efficacy of dienogest. Participants Of women with confirmed endometriosis who were included in the four studies, were treated with dienogest 2 mg once daily for study periods between 12 weeks and 65 weeks.

Dienogest is an oral progestin that is approved for the treatment of endometriosis at a daily dose of 2 mg in areas including Europe, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and several countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. What makes dienogest a unique progestogen for the treatment of endometriosis? There is a paucity of randomized trial evidence to support the use of many treatments in endometriosis.


Unlike other agents in the norprogestin class, dienogest lacks androgenic effects; rather, dienogest has beneficial antiandrogenic properties typical of the progesterone derivatives, which are associated with minimal changes in lipid endometriisis carbohydrate levels.

Note the differences in treatment duration between the groups. Huntington A, Gilmour JA.

Dienogest in long-term treatment of endometriosis

Following the intent-to-treat principle, all women who took study medication at least once were included in the current pooled analyses full analysis set.

Notably, the number of discontinuations due to heavy or irregular bleeding was low ie, 2 of womenindicating that dienogest 2 mg is well tolerated by women in light of its efficacy for pain relief. Dienoest and treatment of endometriosis Diagnosis Due to the variable presentation of endometriosis, there is typically a delay between the first appearance of symptoms and an accurate diagnosis. Endometriosis places a considerable economic burden on families and on society.

Hum Reprod ; This medication carries a black box warning concerning possible bone mineral loss. AEs in the pooled analyses were generally mild to moderate in intensity and were associated with low discontinuation rates. After 24 weeks of treatment, pelvic pain — assessed by a mm visual analogue score dienotest had reduced from The main aims of treatment are to alleviate pain and other symptoms, reduce endometriotic lesions, and improve the dienotest of life of affected individuals.

Dose-finding data are lacking for most progestins, and there are few comparative data to indicate the benefits of one progestin over another. Oral contraceptives and risk of endometriosis: Dienogest is as effective as intranasal buserelin acetate for the relief of pain symptoms associated with endometriosis endmetriosis a randomized, double-blind, multicenter, controlled trial.