43 dated to. DGS&D Manual, approved by Government of India, Department of Commerce and available on DGS&D website. The new Manual on Procurement of Goods has been extensively revised in keeping with . One Stop Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by DGS&D The Pharmaceuticals Purchase Policy4, is intended to ensure. The “Procurement Manual” provides the essential information and brief .. DGS&D rate are optional and should be taken as referral case only, DGS&D.

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Go to GeM Website. The street lighting system including the battery will be warranted for a periodof five years from the date of supply. In case the above details are not submitted along with the tender,the Rate Contractmay be awarded 3 months after the award of parallel Rate Contracts provided the firmmeets the prescribed performance criteria. The Warranty Rgsnd to be supplied with the system must contain the details of thesystem.

Electronics should have temperature compensation for proper charging of thebattery throughout the year.

Page 27 of Service tax at prevailing rate as applicable shall be chargeable as extra onthe Departmental Charges. They should also indicate their Excise Duty Registration.

Green Channel Policy for DGS&D Rate Contracts | Corporate Law Reporter

The lamp should preferably be mounted in a base up configuration. Battery, lamp, and dtsnd are placed in asuitable housing, made of metal or plastic or fiber glass. The system lights at dusk and switches offat dawn automatically. Terms of Delivery are: Battery used shall be as per MNES norms.


It will come into effect 15 days after the U. Manua, 19 of 29 Building Manufacturing through Capital Goods The Indian capital goods sector, the core of the manufacturing sector, requires attention to technology, SME support, skill development, and import substitution to meet the targets of the National Manufacturing Policy. Green Channel facility Providing Deemed Registration Status and Waiver of Pre-dispatch Inspection This is to inform members that the Department of Commerce, Government of India has decided to grant Green Channel facility providing deemed registration status and waiver of pre-dispatch inspection.

Page 4 of 29 iii. The Partnership Summit – Theme Paper The travails of the global economy appear to be still not behind us, despite gradual recovery during from the worst global economic conditions since World War II.

Dgsnd manual pdf | worsina

The Solar lantern issuitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of degrees. Following acceptance testing for battery shall be done on battery offered forinspection: Page 22 of Thepole shall dgsnv suitable arrangement for grouting and length of the poleabove ground shall not be less than 4.

The housing should be suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. A reforms oriented budget is needed to instill confidence among investors.

Government of India Directorate General of Supplies …

Tenderes should quote guaranteed monthly rate of supply item-wise and time, if anyrequired for commencement of supply after placement of order, failing which, thetender will be treated as incomplete. The manufacturers can also provide additional information about thesystem and conditions of warranty as necessary. In this Scheme the firm can apply for registration 15 days ahead ofthe tender opening date, for which the registration fee will be Rs.


Minimum of 3 days or 12 operating hours per permissible discharge. The green indicator should indicate the charging under progress and should glow onlywhen the charging is taking place. If the date is compiled with, the amountwill be refunded to them.

The PVmodule is placed at the top of the pole at an angle facing south so that it receivessolar radiation throughout the day, without any shadow falling on it. Similarly,even when registrations issued earlierhave valid tenure left, bids can be accepted from the OEMs when they are selling inIndia and Rate Contract will be entered with them instead of agents regardless of thevalidity of registration of agents.

C power supplies, multimeter, loadingfacility for charge controller, H. Page 17 of The pole should be made of Galvanised Iron GI pipe. Director of the concerned Purchase Directorate will be the designated personfor receipt of such communications who will be responsible for accounting of them.

Bidders are advised to ensure that they submit their bid within the due date and time of bid submission taking server clock as reference. General Technical requirement For TE: Registration Status and eligibility for award of Rate Contracts: